Saturday , November 28 2020

Health Secretary Cali refuses to attack ambulance members – Cali – Colombia

A paramedic was injured. Theft of unknown property by the occupants of the vehicle.

Secretary of Health Cali, Nelson Sinisterra.

Secretary of Health Cali, Nelson Sinisterra.



February 24, 2019, 02:59 p.m.

Secretary of Health Cali, Nelson Sinisterra, He typically rejected the fire attack on this weekend against an ambulance in the east of the city.

A member of the staff of paramedics brought to the property of ambulance holders was injured.

"I call on a civil society, so that we respect the medical mission; we guarantee the life of the personnel and, if so, the patients, and the equipment and transportation methods & # 39; these ", says the head of this civic office.

The officer said that the National Government sign the Geneva 1949 Conventions and comply with Protocol I and Additional Protocol II of 1977, where he is committed himself before the international community to respect and enforce the rules of International Humanitarian Law in Colombia and adopt the medical mission emblem.

"The medical mission includes the set of goods, facilities, organizations, land, air, rivers and maritime transportation, equipment and materials needed to carry out health service delivery activities, such as healthcare, preventative health, health education , administration and support in the provision of health services, pre-hospital and external care, which was formed in turn by the health and professional disciplines, with employment or civilian relations, exercising health functions, in the framework of the humanitarian mission in situations or zones from armed conflict or other situations of violence that affect public safety, natural disasters and other actions, "explained the officer.


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