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He is the father of all babies (PHOTOS)


A rude man caught everyone’s attention in a marriage, by attending as a guest with their six pregnant lovers. Believe it or not, he unquestionably ensured that he was the father of every unborn baby. The image caused surprise on social networks, where the controversial image of the six women with a swollen belly and a proud father of the future spread.

By Bonita Haro / I’m a carmine

Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, a well-known character in Nigeria, is present at the marriage of his friend Williams Uchemba, a Nollywood actor, whose marriage was left in the background as this controversial man who arrived in the company of his six pregnant lovers.

Undoubtedly, Mike Eze-Nwalie Nwogu, who owned a nightclub, had achieved his goal of attracting attention, so he showed up with the women in front of the press, which he never stopped photographing, becoming the main characters of the night that were to be the couple’s special.

As if it were an exhibition, the man was marching his daughters one by one showing their bells, even un-covered ones, as he took them by the hand, cared for their belly, and sometimes kissed him, while everyone watched the controversial scene in surprise. .

“Mike Pretty and the six mothers of his unborn babies. It’s not a trick video, it’s just the best of our lives, “the man wrote on his social network, where he boasted the video.

The man, as a character in a comedy film, was wearing a striking pink suit with no collar and bleached hair, as well as black shoes, and a beige turtle under his jacket.

Meanwhile, its all six pregnant lovers, who seems to agree largely with the situation, since they have even arranged to wear similar outfits; they wore in silver with glitter, some long dresses, while others preferred to display their bells with navel and flame pants made of the same fabric as the others. Plus, they all wore huge silver bows as a hetress, giving the issue a childish touch.

The surprise for the other guests in the marriage, but also to his followers and other users on Instagram, who did not believe what they were seeing, and strongly questioned what was happening in his life.

“Okay, this is over, bye”, “I’m confused”, “What the hell is going on here?”, “Did you get everyone pregnant in the same week?”, “Is this real ? “, Were Some of Those Comments They Made Him called Pretty Mike.

After that announcement, the shameless man uploaded a video on the social network where he appears with his girlfriends lying together on a bed, and then they all seem to wash him under the shower . These posts have caused anger on social media.

In fact, this is not the first time that Pretty Mike has made a dramatic entrance into marriage. In 2017 she caused anger after arriving at a wedding with two women whom she carried on leases, as if they were dogs, as reported at the time Daily Post Nigeria.

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