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"Grammy's Latin nomination is my second first start"


After 35 years of artistic career, Venezuelan singer María Rivas won his first Grammy nomination in 2018 in the category Best Traditional Tropical Album for the album Reasons, the first translator in seven years.

Motivos is a production by the Miguel Chacón basin, under the Angel Falls Artists label. The album reflects Rivas's wish to pay tribute every time and through bales, Latin American music and, in particular, Aldemaro Romero.

Years ago, the singer was in the lung cancer, so this record meant much of the day it was released, and as well as the first the artist is in. postings and awards awarded by the Latin Recording Academy.

Regarding the time he heard about his Grammy Ladin nomination, he says: "I was with Alfredo Naranjo and Carabobo Symphony Orchestra, paying tribute to Aldemaro when they call me and give me the news." We were celebrating everyday. Speak, when you're planting, late or later, you're harvesting, the Grammy Ladin nomination is like a second start. "

However, Rivas does not have this nomination alone, because the day before the official Grammy Ladin ceremony at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, nominated for the song Dancing for you, who plays with Ruth Pollack Pappas, in the Latin (Traditional) category.

– What do you think about the music that has now been done in Venezuela?

– What's done in Venezuela is stunning. The music has been growing and it's nominated for a number of great awards. Despite this, the male artist's preeminence for the female artist continues. It should also be considered that there are new trends back and forth, such as reggaeton and trap, which in my opinion show that the human factor is declining. However, Venezuelan music continues to be done with great affection.

-What did you decide to make a new record when going through your illness?

– The cancer was very strong, I expected death. I performed the immunological treatment that he was awarded this Nobel Prize in Medicine this year. At the time, I had the support of many friends and that was the idea of ​​the label I had worked in 1995 to do a job that would, whatever happened, and so I collected songs that I had recording new ones, among them, Reasons o Ítalo Pizzolante, who gives his album to the album.

– What projects do you have after the awards ceremony?

– I have just reached an agreement with the Carabobo Symphony Orchestra to host a project called Arte en Extremadura, which brings together the audiovisual, visual and musical arts; In this way, I intend to continue to teach popular music with a repertoire of more than 20 songs. With the Orquesta Gran Marshal de Ayacucho, who saw me grow, I have plans to make tributes to Aldemaro Romero, all in favor of Venezuela's reorganization.

The Latin Grammars will be introduced on Thursday at the Grand MGM Art Arena in Las Vegas.

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