Wednesday , March 3 2021

Governor Omar Prieto announced a 4 supermarket reaction

Zulia governor Omar Prieto reached an agreement with Zulia's business business to regenerate, starting on the 15th December, which was the December 4 supermarkets that belonged to the state-of-the-year Supply Supply chain.

The regional leader, after clearing "paramilitaries and colophonous mafias in the center of Maracaibo", especially Las Pulgas market, co-ordinates the resumption of commercial activities in 4 of these places that can offer population products of this date of food under healthy system guides without speculation or recording.

Prieto explained that the people who assume the administration of the supermarkets will experience the same control and the aim is to delete the batching in those locations through biometric systems that will operate & # 39 ; r government with the help of Sudeban sales points and the possibility of paying purchases with cryptocurrencies, especially through Petro.

He ensured that there would be a pharmacy, bakery, butcher, clothing and shoes for the comfort of the population in each trade. He noted that the 4 supermarkets that will open from December 15 will be located in July 5, Circunvalación 2, the Costa Verde and Cabimas shopping center.

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