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"Good times come about journalism"

February 02, 2019 07:43 PM
After to be updated on February 02, 2019 7:52 PM

Juan Guaidó, Venezuela's interim president, thanked the media's work for "holding a huge commitment to reality."

"I want to thank the great work that national and international journalists have done, which have maintained a huge commitment to reality, their work has allowed the world to know what a Venezuelan battle is, Good times are coming for journalism! " Guaidó on Twitter.

In the last few weeks, the Press Workers' Union (SNTP) reported that at least 11 journalists were kept uncommon only in two days. The state officials had six foreign correspondents and four Venezuelans and drivers.

Hundreds of people gathered the main Las Mercedes route to attend the march to support Guaidó and to refuse her refusal by Nicolás Maduro. In addition, they insisted on opening a channel for humanitarian aid in the face of the economic and health crisis that continues in the country.

The interim president noted that they had three collective points already for humanitarian aid, approved by the National Assembly.

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