Sunday , January 24 2021

"Games of wonders": Jon Snow's wife scared him when he told them the end of the series

Marriage is not easy, even if you are "King of the North". That is clear to Kit Harington, a British actor responsible for playing the Jon Snow bastard in the HBO series "Game of thrones".

Recently, the show protagonist is based on George R.R. Martin told her a talk about her wedding with actor Leslie Rose, who was personally to Eira's first love in the series, the wild Ygritte.

According to Harington, Rose had asked him to tell them how the last battle for Westeros would end up the hordes of white pedestrians hiding the characters' lands in the show.

The actor agreed to disclose the plot details, but he is not expected to accept his wife. "He did not talk to me for almost three days. And she had asked me," said the translator.

Harington said he had learned the important lesson of not talking about the end of the series, so now he is not eager to make a lot of attention on the issue, though, however, he gave an enthusiasm of & # 39 ; to editions.

"I can not tell if I'm happy or not. I do not think it's about being happy or sad. I'm satisfied with what they are I've done, but I do not know if I will be very satisfied until I see it. It's very nice to walk around to know what's happening, which will only happen for a few months until everyone sees it. I know and nobody else knows. I'll know how to stop it, "he said.

"Games of Grounds" will return to the HBO screens for its eighth and final season on April 14.

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