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Free Xbox Gold Games for Xbox One and 360 December 2018


Microsoft has already prepared its repertoire of free games for the next month of December with its Gold Games program. To get them, just need get an Xbox Live account and put each game profiles to "buy" at zero cost. And as we always do, here we leave you the list with the free titles for XBox One and XBox 360 next month, which adds a total of € 69.96 in games.

We will include the video published by Microsoft with all the statements on the one hand. Then, as always, we will continue with the list of free games that you have for Xbox One, and we'll finish with those that will reach Xbox 360 and Original Xbox Because yes, this month there will be two 360 games but only one, and the second will be the classic Xbox.

Free games for Xbox One in December

Start with all the games that you can get free with your Xbox One if you have an Xbox Live account. Let's go about them.

  • From December 1 to December 31: Q.U.B.E. 2, worth £ 24.99. The sequel to the Toxic Games person puzzle game, where you visit an alien planet is full of challenges. Adventure has been formed by 11 episodes and more than 80 poss. Analysis in Additional Life.
  • From December 16 to January 15: Never get together, worth £ 14.99. This is not just a videogame, but experience that goes beyond the play barrier by incorporating, in and in itself, the story about Alaska's native people has & # 39 ; to flush with a document to get empathy with Nuna's companion, the arctic fox. Analysis in Additional Life.

Free Xbox 360 and Xbox Games in December 2018

And now we continue with the titles that Microsoft offers for their consoles of previous generations. In December, there is a change, that Xbox 360 titles are reduced to one, and a classic Xbox game is added for your Xbox Live subscribers.

  • From December 1 to 15: Dragon Age II, worth £ 19.99. Dragon Age saga has been one of the best BioWare in the world of the RPG in recent years, and while its second installment has an uncommon mechanism left when it came third, it's still a title Very interesting we are living in an adventure that has extended for many years.
  • From December 16 to December 31: Merlinion: Destruction Play Area, worth £ 9.99. Originally launched the Pandemic Studios action game on the first Xbox and will put us into mercenary shoes that will use all weapons and vehicles within it to end a terrible military order by destroying everything we are want.

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