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Found in Amsterdam and Picasso has been stolen from an Arab Seikh 20 years ago


Tuesday 26, 2019 01:15 PM
Last updated on March 26, 2019 13:20 PM

The picture Female bust, from Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, brought 20 years ago from an Arabian sailing ship, which had been located in Amsterdam underworld after changing hands at least 20 times, Arthur Brand, the art researcher confirmed The Netherlands.

"I'm very excited. We're talking about the greatest artist of the 20th century and this was one of his most important works and his favorite, as he hadn't signed or wanted to sell it. in his house until he died, "said Brand, in love with Spanish art, which he follows around the world.

Female bust a portrait of the artist Dora Maar, a couple of Picasso in the years 1930-1940, and he was painted by the Spanish artist in 1938, a year after his most famous painting. Guernica.

The researcher had been behind the canvas track since 2015, but even he, an art detective with a long experience, had given her the best: "When a painting disappears completely for many years "That's because his thieves haven't been able to sell it and they're destroying them to get rid of problems," he said.

The Saudi Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik denied that the French killed this canvas he had to keep on one of his yachts in Antibes, in France, but at the same time, and that it was such an important picture for him, he decided to offer a 400,000 euro prize which he found.

However, after spending several years without finding any idea to find the work, the French police decided to file the case and Abdulmalik received the 4 million euros (then a canvas market value). he had an insurance company to contract. Everyone thought he had to lose forever, emphasizing the researcher, who, based on his experience in trying art, says there is hope in 10% of cases because the thieves are in his t give some mafia to settle debts and the canvas begins to transfer hands, at least 20 for this Picasso, according to the clues that Brand has.

In 2015, the researcher first heard that the painting was circulating in the Amsterdam firing world and in 2002 he had been presented as a guarantee for mafia dealing with drugs and weapons. He contacted the French police and the Netherlands, but as the case had already closed in France, he said, there was no response. "Because so many Picassos had stolen, I didn't know what was being discussed at first. In addition, it was in a period before the Internet 's prosperity and it was difficult to follow the details, "explains the detective. "Later, I told myself and I knew what it was like and how important it was to the artist himself. When he died, his family sold him to a seller and to an Arabic cock and she kept on his ship, "he adds.

A few weeks ago he learned that a trader had bought it without knowing what it was and when he realized he had stolen it, he contacted Brand's environment for advice, but at first the dealer didn't want to introduce him for fear carrying & # 39 The legal problems of getting a picture that had been stolen. "We knew he had nothing to do with the robbery. Research did not make much sense either, we would never get to the thieves because the canvas had changed hands in this period. So we've got a deal: it's giving me the painting and an investigation, "the Dutch says, will not be exciting, after adding a great discovery to his reputation."

Picasso's canvas has never been to an exhibition and very few have been able to enjoy it, but whoever has done so, a Brand admired by the night in his house, while waiting for the insurance company t , now an official owner of it, I would raise it early this morning.

He established an American expert, who is already analyzing the painting in an unknown place in Amsterdam, his authenticity and will now offer it to his original owner, Abdulmalik, who will have to return the € 4 million he received. The insurance will be able to recover a picture that is worth 25 million at the moment.

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