Tuesday , March 2 2021

Filtered photo by Meghan Markle and his ex in the sauna

Meghan Markle has been looking at the press from the moment he announced his commitment to Prince Harry of England a year ago. Problems with his father and his sister have made the controversy not escape from the consent in the royal family, now it is a candy photography that wants to harm Megan's image, review Metro PR.

The TMZ specialties portal published a photo that can be seen by the former Hollywood actress sitting on the leg of his ex-partner, the chef Cory Vitiello, covered only by white towel in what seems to be a sauna or a spa .

A source near the Duchess of Sussex said "We knew that Meghan had had relationships before Harry, but what we did not know so far was the loving thing she was with her old boyfriends. "

His former Cory, who still does not know if he was the one who filtered the picture, had said about her in an interview "She is a great woman. There is no shame. I respect people's private and personal life. "

At present, Meghan is resting at Kensington's palace and decided not to accompany Harry on his trip to Africa for recommendations from his doctor since the Zika virus abounds in the continent, which would be detrimental to her pregnancy.

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