Friday , August 19 2022

FIFA prohibits Chelsea F.C. sign players in the next two transfer windows


The FIFA Disciplinary Committee has allowed Chelsea F.C. and the English Football Association (FA) for submissions relating to the transfer and registration of under 18s.

"Chelsea was found to have broken Article 19 of the Regulation in the case of 29 small players and committed many other shortcomings related to registration requirements. The club was also cutting art. 18bis of Regulation in relation to two agreements that ended in relation to young people and which allowed him to influence other clubs in matters relating to the transfer ", explains body Governing world football in a statement released this Friday.

For these rules, the London team has been punished with the ban on signing new players in the next two transfer windows, in particular until June 2020. This measure does not affect Chelsea's girls and girls football teams, and does not prevent the release of players.

In addition, the club has been fined about $ 600,000 and has had him a 90-day period to regulate the situation of the small players involved.

On his behalf, the equipment that I belong to Russian Tycoon Román Abrómovich rejected the Disciplinary Commission accusations "documentary" and said that he would appeal against the FIFA decision.

He has also discovered that FA had broken the rules in relation to underage children, was imposed a fine of around $ 510,000, and was given a six month period to tackle the international transfer situation and the first registration of minors in soccer.

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