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Exhibitors stop Francisco Fajardo at El Rosal's height

February 02, 2019 04:50 PM
After lasting on February 02, 2019 5:04 PM

Officials of the National Bolivarian Guards (GNB) continue on the Francisco Fajardo road at El Rosal, in the borough of Chacao, after a group of opponents protested in the area.

In the photos and videos spread through social networks, people who keep the highway can be seen blocked after the demonstration known by Juan Guaidó, interim president of the country, to support the opening of a humanitarian aid channel.

The riding as a meeting point was the main Las Mercedes route where Guaidó announced a new campaign on January 12.

They report that protesters are trying to stop Yutong bus. However, Polichacao officers stopped moving the unit. So far, the vehicle piece remains limited in both directions at 4:30 pm.

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