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Price dollar in Peru, it fell at the end of the day to change this Saturday, amid mixed feelings about the future of the fiscal stimulus scheme in the United States and the announcements surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

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At the end of operations, the exchange rate It was quoted S / 3,596 in the interbank market, an increase of 0.47% compared to S / 3,579 late Thursday, according to data from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR).

The central bank intervened in the session to try to contain an appreciation of the greenery through exchange swaps on sale for S / 290 million after 3 months, at an average rate of 0.16%.

Despite this, the greenery ends the week still far from the historic high recorded on Monday in the face of the political crisis caused by Manuel Merino’s resignation to the presidency after the protests against him.

The uncertainty was fueled by the announcement by the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, that it will ask the Federal Reserve (Have fed) return the resources allocated in law to assist emergency lending to businesses, not-for-profit organizations and local governments, marking the end of December 31 of most programs essential to keeping the economy stable.

Mnuchin’s announcement was partially resisted by Pfizer’s announcement, which submitted a request to U.S. health regulators to authorize the urgent use of its vaccine against COVID-19, essential to help contain the pandemic.

“We argue between two feelings, on the one hand that the pandemic is developing and forcing new measures and producing risks because of the pain threshold it generates for the economy, in that sense from a feeling of asylum towards him. per dollar, ”Wilson Tovar, chief economist at the Stocks and Securities brokerage, told Reuters.

In the collateral market or Lima exchange houses, the exchange rate is quoted at S / 3,575 per purchase and S / 3,600 per sale.

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