Monday , June 27 2022

ETH Price forms the first gold pattern since 2017 CryptoNews


Detailed Ether charts (ETH), the Ethereum platform native ticket, formed on Monday of the bullish sign pattern known as Golden Cross or golden cross, the first one that happens with that cryptocurrency since February 2017. Usually, this pattern suggests a change in the trend and start a new run of the t bullish.

After 95% of the highest point in December 2017, the asset appears to have found the bottom in mid-February this year when the registration price started higher lows. After that, ETH began to climb vigorously and brought the price of the cryptoactive about USD 100 at the beginning of February to more than USD 257, at the time of writing this article, representing a growth of 157%.

However, this is not the only good news for the second cryptocurrency through the capitalization of a market. In the early hours of Monday morning, Ether made the Gold Cross first or the golden cross since February 2017, t what might show a change in feelingis a bearish wave, which is becoming weaker. This suggests that traders will be more optimistic when it comes to trading long or buying sites, or jobs for sale or short.

As we have made previous comments in Criptonoticias, the golden crosses contain two trend indicators known as exponential movement averages (LCAs). Named averages take the closure of each period as a basic value and divide it by the merchant's adjustable value. That is, in the case of LCA 20 days, the gadget will build a line on the chart, on average for each value, price of the last 20 days.

Y Golden Cross it is produced by crossing two averages, one slowly and the other quickly. The LCA of 50 (fast and green in the graph) is equivalent to the average of 50 days back in time. It is considered a quick average because it is usually more sensitive to movements in the asset than its comparator, the 200 LCA, so it's usually adjusted to the price t in times of instability.

The next one is an LCA of 200 (slow and red) which refers to 200 closure days and represents the feeling of the asset. When the price is higher than the average of 200 days, the asset is said to be in an exciting period, and if it is lower then it would tend to be a trend. It is commonly known as average moving slowly, as it is usually not connected closely with variations in price and acts as support or resistance. significant when it comes to any stimulus.

The crossing curve is slow; of mobile averages, EMA 200, breaks the LCA 50, to produce a Gold Cross. Chart:

Normally, a cross over the two trade curves predicts an increase in the likelihood of those market operators investing in prices. This type of signaling can occur in any timeliness, which is the most relevant and important occurring in more extended periods, as they highlight the condition of the general trend.

The last time ETH introduced these features in similar market situations, in 2017, the price of the cryptocurrency faced an increase of more than 12,000% in that year. Although past forms are not necessarily indicators in the future, this type of event identifies trends before and after.

All of these elements, together with a reduction in the annual minimum Bitcoin (BTC) correlation levels, could indicate that Ether may be experiencing signs of recovery in the medium term. It's still to be seen if these facts are enough to make the cryptocurrency "up to the moon" start, as the traders are calling a bullish momentum which is t They continue in time.

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