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Drafting EC

The exchange rate in Venezuela rose at today’s opening this Friday, amid the elections to be held next Sunday, albeit with various questions from the opposition and other countries of the region.

At the opening, the exchange rate It was 1,025,065.82 sovereign bolivars, a 2.48% increase compared to 999,630.72 units in the previous session, according to the portal DolarToday.

Venezuelans will go to polls on Sunday to elect a new National Assembly in elections boycotted by top police forces and questioned by the United States, the European Union and most countries in the region, who have warned that the consultation will not help resolve the complex crisis hitting the South American nation.

The ruling party seems to be the favorite to win the elections, regain control of the lost Congress in 2015 and thus consolidate control of all State powers and strengthen its hegemonic model.

After months of negotiations between the ruling party and the opposition to define by consensus the candidates for the new National Electoral Council (CNE) – who would be elected in the National Assembly as provided by the constitution – the government-controlled Supreme Court of Justice was shocked in June by declaring that Congress, with the majority of the opposition, had waived legislation and appointed the leadership of the Electoral Power, which included former judges, officials affiliated with The ruling party and people close to opposition groups disagree.

Among its first measures, the new CNE called the legislative elections for Dec. 6.

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