Saturday , May 21 2022

Debate in Google about dismissing black investigator


More than 1,400 Google employees insisted Friday that the tech giant explained why it fired a black employee, a researcher into artificial intelligence (AI) ethics issues.

Timnit Gebru tweeted Wednesday that Google was connected after it sent an email to a group inside the company lamenting for “silenced peripheral voices.”

He also told the group in that email that the company had ordered him to withdraw an investigative paper, AFP reported.

Gebru is an advocate for diversity and co-founder of a group dedicated to driving black talent in the field of artificial intelligence.

On Tuesday, she was a researcher and co-director of the AI ​​ethics team at Google.

Gebru tweeted what he said was a Google firing message, stating that “aspects of the email he sent last night to non-manager employees reflect behavior that is out of line with manager expectations. from Google “.

The Gebru research article was asked to withdraw analyzing the potential of an artificial intelligence tool used by Google and other tech companies to mimic human writing of hate speech and biased language, according to a report by American public Radio, NPR.

Just over 1,400 Google employees were among nearly 3,300 names in an online letter asking the tech giant to explain Gebru’s firing along with why he ordered it to withdraw its investigation.

The letter demanded that Google make an “explicit” commitment to the integrity of research and academic freedom.

“Instead of being accepted by Google as an extremely talented and prolific contributor, Gebru has faced defensiveness, racism, censorship in research and retaliatory firing,” the letter said.

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