Thursday , August 18 2022

Cuba, a small but rebellious country: Silvio


Cantabria.- A "Cuba" is a "small but rebellious country", because he did not want to "leave himself under empire", according to what Cuba singer Silvio Rodríguez said yesterday when he was awarded the Beato de Liébana, given by Cantabria region government. in Spain (north).

The 72-year-old, one of the performers of the music born with the Cuban Revolution, was named Nueva Trova, for his work in co-existence, understanding and social engagement.

During the presentation, in the town of Cantabrian Pots, Rodríguez assured him that he had received the award as "a lot of humility" because he came from a "big and rebellious town", referring to the Cantabrians, and this is very similar to that. Cuba, "he did not want to be undermined by empire."

With the honorable prize, also given to the founder and president of Messengers of Peace, Father Ángel, Cantabria in the union recognized “love for neighbor, consent and unity.” T

"Cantabria is proud to gather today (yesterday) two men who in turn are united by what should unite all mankind," said Cantabria president, Miguel Angel Revilla, after presenting it at an event. held at the Center for Lebaniegos Studies.

Cantabrian's president drew attention to the values ​​of the two honors, "catholic and agnostic", that is, for any difference, sharing qualities as "a commitment to harmony and humanity in the face of so much anger, war and passion ".

Father Ángel declared that he was happy to receive this award along with "admire" Silvio Rodríguez, whose music shares the whole planet and we all admire.

The priest extended the recognition received in the form of International Cohesion to "all who want and let themselves be loved" and have declared that they are happy to receive the award in a place of "overwhelming beauty".

Cantabria's Camerata Coral recounted several pieces during the ceremony, including some songs by Rodríguez, which congratulated the musical group at the end of the ceremony. Rodríguez goes with the Cuban National Symphony Orchestra on a concert tour through several Spanish cities since May 9, including Barcelona, ​​Santander and Madrid.

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