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Coutinho draws back the amount of Rakitic


BARCELONA – Philippe Coutinho did not pass the test and showed his return to the bench after returning the Champions League to Nou Camp on Wednesday against Olympique de Lyon. If you could understand the rest of Ivan Rakitic's replacement and Lenglet's absence by penalty, it could be suspected that Alignment of Semedo and Coutinho were a Valverde test.

In the end it was shown how the unfortunate that Brazil touched by the fortune of Rakitic, who Valverde was extending in the final of the game, was worried about the 2-1 and incredible and Ray. After receiving with ovation, the Croatia took 100 seconds to give Suárez 3-1 to complete the afternoon, taking Coutinho's performance away from the plane and mind.

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Brazil, simply, seemed again overcoming by demand. After losing and unable to show gallons, not overflowed by the band when standing to the left, he combined with no sharp ideas when he came to the center to support (say) Arthur and it came to fail a leading goal that led, in the 0-1 distress that was immediately followed by Tomás.

Crossline route Arturo Vidal for Lionel Messi was solved by Argentina, on the left side of the area, with a simple, magnificent, simple, satinical pathway for Coutinho, which was unmarked from behind only had to finish with a total comfort at the edge of the small area … and that the ball with the left foot was rarely linked in some form of transferring to the goalkeeper, which broke without further problems.

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The drawback in the play was that the continuation ended with goal, Raul de Tomás, the 0-1 that gave the discomfort of the Camp Camp Nou's discomfort and to give even more the spotlight on the Brazilian football.

Valverde continued to give confidence in the second half, eliminating Arthur from the field, very clumsy and slightly transgender in the first half, and keeping next to Dembélé. But Brazil's performance, having relocated in the playmaker, was as sad as he was in front of.

It was too much, too much for him to make Coutinho see himself and began to spread once again, and the feeling that Barça was beginning to be an unexpected test for the most expensive player in his history.

After eliminating an assault and defeat in the defense, where he did not help his fellow members to press, or try the ball out of the competitor, Brazil moves a memorable image in the stadium. The one of Vitor Baía, a great Portuguese port who arrived ready to mark time and the responsibility was getting tired; the one of Meho Kodro, an excellent scorer in the Best Society, and his performance and performance in Barça were disappointing.

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They did not surpass the Barça test as it seems that Coutinho is not going to do either, and Valverde took out of the stage in the final immediately, entering & # 39; w with Rakitic and the result of happiness that is not expected of anyone.

After receiving with ovation, the Croatia gave 3-1 to Suarez and gave a break to the azulgrana instruction, and so dissatisfied to improve salary that Ivan claims and closer to the opening handheld transmission as presented, hinhcada and trainer.

"I do not imagine Barça without Rakitic next season," announced the trainer on Friday. Nobody imagines it. Sites to imagine, certainly, uniquely best for the azulgrana club to do without Coutinho, would be more inconsistent to every passing day.

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