Thursday , May 26 2022

Coronía del Caroní – Croatia strikes Spain in the discount


Zagreb.- A Croatian football team recalls "Russian spirit" on Thursday and beat Spain 3-2 to recover their chances of qualification for the Four Nations League of Nations and fill their opponent with disappointment.

A goal from the young Tin Jedvaj in the discount sent Spain to the canvas and Group 4 gave the tournament red feed. On Sunday they play England and Croatia at Wembley and the winner will come in to the "Final Four". It would only be possible to offer the Spanish pass.

"We deserved more, in any case, the defeat, at the last minute they had a fortune when everything was desperate for both," Luis Enrique, the visiting coach, complained about "Televisión Española "at the end of the game.

As it was already, in Zagreb there was a game similar to September where Spain had a 6-0 Croatia after a massive exhibition. Both of the other two are not the same.

The team of Luis Enrique is increasingly flat and often corrects the movements to boredom. And if it does not, it falls and gives a lot in defense. His first chance of danger took 44 minutes to reach and shot by Isco Kalinic refused.

Spain tired of hitting in the first half. He gave up to 428 before break, but mostly in areas of minor or undesirable danger. Croatia re-retired many, but they were the best chances of the first half.

Within six minutes, Perisic shot and between David de Gea and the phone stopped the Croatian goal. And then there was another "center-chut" of Perisic himself who did not find a miracle finish. Croatia threatened Spain's area with very little.

The set of Luis Enrique finished the first part better than he started, although he never found answers to break the competitive wall.

The second half was different because of the two teams' crisis: none of them had to draw. Spain increased the intensity of their game and began to accumulate more serious achievement than those of the first part. But it happened that he put the first goal against.

It was 54 minutes, when Sergi Roberto presented a ball to the opponent and the play ended in hand to Andrej Kamaric that the Croatian was transformed.

But there was not time to check how he would set the goal for two minutes later, Spain had equalized in a drama that began and ended in Ceballos, the author of his first international goal.

The set of Luis Enrique came to an end only and James Aspas was close to passing Spain with a shot and crash on the barbarian when he had everything in favor of scoring.

And, as it happened in the first local goal, the new Croatian goal at least seemed close to doing so. It happened in Spain for 69 minutes in Spain's very safe play which included a great Fidic center and an unexpected drawing by Jedvaj.

The team of Luis Enrique already had everything to the assault at risk. And he was awarded for 77 minutes with a very suspicious penalty marked by presumed hands of Versaljko in full interactive action. Sergio Ramos was transformed with empowerment.

The last minutes were started with two teams fighting to avoid removal that was not suitable for them. And less to Croats. And the discount came, inappropriate clearance by De Gea on the side and a miraculous shot by Jedvaj who brought delirium to his supporters.

Croatia came to his people the spirit that was shown in the last World Cup and reached the same competitor who came 6 months ago. Although Spain is different from that one. The defeat against England at home was followed by Zagreb and the alarms terminated. Spain returns to enjoy.

"We're doing virtues to win in the second part, they're against us … It was a very difficult group, but there will be options to the end," explained Luis Enrique in a call to luck.

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