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COPD is the third cause of death in the world: so that we can avoid BuenaVida


Breathing is an unconscious act, of those who are not noticed even though life depends on them. But for 251 million people around the world – 2.9 million in Spain – this vital process is a daily challenge due to the inflammation and obstruction of the respiratory path caused by Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

This disease is already the third cause of death worldwide -Mar the ischemic heart disease and the heart attack- and the fourth in Spain, according to article data published in it And Lancet and some World Health Organization (WHO). In order to get an idea of ​​the severity, only Spanish Spanish and Thoractic Surgery (SEPAR) figures in Spain that kill one person every 20 minutes.

Although the data may seem unconscious, everything is not so bad: COPD is the cause of death that can be stopped first in our country and some of the discharged measures are in our hands.

Smoking is the practice that produces most COPDs in Spain

Unlike other countries, where a large part of the cases originates from the injection of smoke produced in coal and a poor ventilation stove, The most common origin in Spain is smoking. "If people do not smoke they would eliminate between 70% and 80% of cases," emphasizes the scientist of the Hospital Health Research Institute of Princess Joan Soriano, who has been involved in the task of distributing the most deadly diseases of the planet

There is no doubt that smoking cushions are worthwhile and, as a motto of the World COPD Day, celebrated last Wednesday with the aim of publicizing the disease, "never too early or "too late".

Scientists know that cutting with this poor practice prevents the progress of the pathology and even reverses the effects if it is interrupted when the first symptoms are obvious: daily cough, expectations and fatigue that appear when we make the actions we are familiar with. One of the problems is that 81.7% of people with this disease are not diagnosed, according to the preliminary results of the EPI-SCAN II SEPAR study. So, if these signs appear, experts recommend going to the doctor, especially if we are 40 or older and have been smokers at some point in our lives.

The prevalence of the disease is higher in women

This research also shows that men are more aware of the problem than women, a social group where COPD has increased by 70% over the past decade. At least, that's suggesting that "the sub-diagnosis is better in them than among them," according to Soriano. The epidemiologist, a member of the science committee of the EPI-SCAN II study – has designed to monitor the health of 10,200 people in the 17 autonomous communities, indicating that 88.2% of Women over 40 years old with COPD know that there is a disease, while the figure in the male population is 76%.

In order to improve this data, the expert explains that "it is never too late to have a spirometer test, or too soon to give up the best of smoking." The test referred to is measuring the ability of the lungs to take and ease air and painlessly. "Health centers should be done almost regularly, detecting the disease at an early stage, which is what is important, "said the head of the San Juan Hospital of Neumology Service in Alicante and co-director of the SeparPacientes program, Eusebi Chiner." COPD can not only be stopped, but it must be stopped. "You have good practice

Walking one hour a day helps rehabilitation

In addition to tobacco, contamination is another factor that increases the risk of COPD. The negative effects of greenhouse gases on our health are not incredible. Pollution, as we say in BuenaVida, is the most important environmental cause of disease and early death in the world: "It was shown that the number of respiratory diseases, as well as their symptoms, increases if you live near highways or from an area with a large vehicle traffic, "said Chiner.

Our problem of this problem does not seem easy because of living in the cities, but the experts also provide some recommendations in this regard, for example, "Do not practice outdoors when there are high contamination levels", notes Chiner, who does not mean, in any case, that you have to give the best to do physical activities.

"To say that this exercise prevents COPD a little scary, although it is true that it has seen that Everyday walking at least a minute away from home is good and that the results are virtually equivalent to some respiratory rehabilitation programs, "continues Chiner's pneumonia also indicates that groups who strive to surprise their health levels in a surprising way, such as sports fans like rowing. The scientific community is clear about this: the benefits of sport are much more than the harm caused by corrupted air in cities.

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