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Concern among doctors for diabetic feet

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One in four people who live with diabetes diabetic feet, condition, if not treated properly causes a disability, and in extreme cases it can lead to death, he says. Efe the doctor Karina Kingdom.

"People who suffer diabetes They often reach these complications because they do not have a good control of the illness; in fact, only one in four manages their glucose well, "said the nephrologist at the Guadalajara Civil Hospital.

In fact, he noted that 85% of the total amputations occurring worldwide belong to diabetes.

In Mexico, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 12 million people live with diabetes.

Kingdom explained that the people who are disordered by diabetes and have diabetes, 7 out of 10 die after five years of exposure, and if the patient also suffers from Chronic Kidney Disease and suffers of dialysis, his life expectancy is 2 years after losing his member.

The doctor Irma Luisa Ceja Martínez, endocrinology and nutrition medical manager PiSA GroupHe said that poorly controlled diabetes damages nerves, veins a arteries and body.

"This effect, known as" neuropathy, causes the skin to escape and sensitivity is lost, which does not allow wound pain to be felt that, together with the decrease in circulation, envisages slow healing, "he explained the expert

When the wound closes, he said, it's very easy to get infected and come wlser, when growing can become deep and affect tendons and bones that cause osteomelitis.

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"And osteomelitis even more complex to handle and increase the risk gangren a amputation"said the expert.

According to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition 2016Only two out of 10 Mexican adults with diabetes who had a foot examination in the last year; while one in 10 patients diagnosed are being introduced wlserau like complexity or diabetes.

In addition, four out of every 10 diabetes reported pain or losing feeling in their foot goals and two out of 10 could not walk more than six minutes without feeling tired.

As a result, today's pharmaceutical PiSA Biotechnology launched a biotechnology medicine which helps to reduce the risks of this suffering.

"The medication has an active principle Human Epidermal Growth Factor Reunion that stimulates and accelerates grains and healthy improvement, "said Ceja Martínez.

The expert explained that this medicine, along with conventional therapy, has been tested on more than 350,000 patients in a total of 25 countries around the world and has shown it to be a shortage of time scratch o & n wounds.

"This reduces the recovery phase and increases the quality of life of people experiencing complications in their feet because diabetes"he said.

He explained that one wlser It took six months to close, when this medicine is used, the period is reduced to four months or less.

Dr Reinoirte said that it was among the main causes to suffer diabetic feet are poor circulation, thinning and skin and neuroatathy damage to nerves.

He noted that it was essential to take good care of the feet to stop complications.

Amongst the recommendations for prevention, maintaining good control of the blood sugar, Take care of food, go to the doctor regularly, and perform periodic clinical exams to help evaluate the role of the kidneys.

"You also have to check the feet, clean them with water and soap neutral, dry them well after washing, apply cream or oil daily, as well as go to a podiatrist and choose appropriate shoes , "the expert came to an end.

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