Saturday , May 21 2022

Compass Wellness promotes the physical and mental well-being of the elderly


Compass Wellbeing is already underway, a wellness web portal that aims to take a step beyond eating habits to help, both physically and mentally, everyone who joins the initiative by promoting a healthy lifestyle. at this time identified by the pandemic.

The joint catering company España Compass Group starts the Proyecto Compass Welfare for promoting a healthy lifestyle, promotes the good on a daily basis eating habits and facilitating the comprehensive care of people in an environment marked by increasing needs in this area due to the impact of the pandemic.

Compass Wellbeing is a project to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of users of the 400 social health centers that Compass Group serves through Medirest

Compass Group Spain plans to reach the 400 residential centers in which Medirest, its brand specializing in the field of social health, attends daily to 65,000 older adults. To do this, it starts “portal welfare web they will be facilitated content and tools to acquire positive habits in food and to face the day in a different way and improve the habits that allow carrying a a healthier life.

The first one is a Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation video library. These sessions are taught by the a yoga teacher Gauri Agulla and they are specific to the age and conditions of the people served at these geriatric centers.

As stated Marc Gonzalez, Director of Marketing and Communications España Compass Group, this project “It is the result of many months of work to respond to people’s new needs at a time, as well, where the relevance Healthcare in all its aspects it grows and takes on a broader dimension”.

In this first phase, the project also targets the 85,000 people are served daily by Eurest, your brand specialized in Business area. In this case, the sessions are led by the yoga teacher Swami Shanmugananda.

Contents Compass Welfare will be expanded over the next few months with specific proposals relating to gastronomy and to health for the various groups served by the company and for the public.

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