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Colossal fights of dwarf galaxies in space


Sydney, Australia.- And Star Wars? Na! This does not relate to the scene of science fiction films, a colossial fighting between two diseases I've been found by astronomers. It's related to & # Small and Minor Magellanic Clouds, are two dwarf galaxies that are close to our Milky Way, but that's not something, something will end up badly.

He saw a group of astronomers, assisted by the dark energy camera of the Blanco telescope – located in Chile – the violent conflict for the first time in detail. According to a study published on Thursday, November 8, the brutal battle & # 39; causing one of them disappearing.

Astronomers discovered the conflict between Magellan's galaxies. Photo: Pixabay

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The experts created a very flat star map of the outer edges of the Clouds, which shows that the distribution of different star stars in the Little Cloud would have had an unpleasant meeting with the Great Cloud over millions of years.

The Cloud Cloud Magellanic hit his little companion, said Dougal Mackey, a researcher at the National University of Australia (ANU) who took part in this study.

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According to Mackey, in an ANU statement, it shows how the outer parts of the Small Valley "are very long" at both ends.

Astronomers discovered the conflict between Magellan's galaxies. Photo: Pixabay

The scientist indicates that the larger Large Magnetic Clouds have not escaped the conflicts and show deformities and "large gestures" to the area of ​​their area.

This battle is very similar to what David and Goliath could have if the boy was not as lucky as the shot he did with sling, he said.

The Milky Way could end up drinking the Magellanic Clouds in the fight

Serpentists believe that the Mellusic Clouds will eventually be eaten by the Milky Way, although they do not know how long they have before they disappear.

The researchers also researched the extent to which the youngest stars formed in the Current Magallanes, between the Small Mix and the Gwynt Mawr, known as the Magellanic Bridge.

They had also discovered an unknown minor disorder of the name Hydrus I, having located between the two clouds.

This galaxy is part of the class known as super-natal genres, which found its existence about ten years ago. They are exceptionally low dwarf galaxies and still have a lot of dark matter, he says.

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