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Bloccoin Cash fork presents problems | CryptoNews


Bitcoin Cash completed his hard bifurcation (hardhas been scheduled for May on Wednesday 15, as reported by BitMex Monitor's Research Fork. However, within a few hours of the implementation of the 0.19.5 version of the Bitcoin ABC client, the network ceased including mempool.

10 blocks of the BCH chain were processed without any transactions, an inconsistency that opens the possibility of vulnerability in the ABC client Bitcoin. At present, the client's developers have not confirmed the cause of these vulnerabilities or the empty blocks. However, they do a review to resolve the fault.

According to a report published on reddit, it's not just a vulnerability to detect it. It is likely that the error in the network is associated with several sports (bits of software that take advantage of security vulnerability) found in ABC's Bitcoin client code, which are not linked to version 0.19.5. In this way, the report claims it could be a "timed attack" to coincide with the hard animal.

The possibility of an attack on BCH for the day of this bifurcation was also mentioned by the ruthless Kay Kurokawa on his twitter account two days ago. According to Kurokara, characters who oppose Bitcoin Cash can find themselves "planning some".

At the time of writing this report, the inclusion of two new blocks in the BCH chain includes 89 and 137 transactions respectively. The first of these was undermined by BTC.TOP, the same mining group responsible for eight of the empty blocks. However, it is not known whether this means correcting the weaknesses identified after the t sports.

It is also important to note that these are sports they only affect ABC client Bitcoin. These vulnerabilities do not affect the Bitcoin Unlimited client.

What happened with version 0.19.5?

Despite the sports Found, the new client version of Bitcoin ABC was implemented in the early hours of this Wednesday 15. This new version, 0.19.5, brings Schnorr signatures to the BCH network content, which is replaced by an Elliptic Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA).

Schnorr signatures mean a reduction in the size of BCH transactions, after using an aggregate signature rather than using multiple signatures.

Also, with this booking, users will be able to recover the money sent to SegWit addresses. The new version of BCH client will apply an exception to bring back the cryptocurris sent to P2SH addresses without reclamation.

This problem of recovering money has existed since the creation of Bitcoin Cash, due to the lack of consensus for the operation of the Separate Witness protocol (SegWit). The hard bifurcation eliminated the compatibility of the clients, so when a user sent a bitcoin (BCH) currency error to the SegWit bitcoin (BTC) addresses, they lost their funds, as the purses did not recognize the format of the transaction.

It is important to remember that version 0.19.5 is only compatible with versions of the 0.19 series client, published on 20 February. So the network goals that had not updated the client before the 15th May were invalid for the network.

Bitcoin ABC mentioned this provision with the customer update for February, so that network participants have enough time to prepare for the bifurcation. However, BitMEX reported that the characters were still running version 0.18.2 was they were registered as invalid at block height 582,680, eight hours after the bifurcation was done.

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