Friday , August 12 2022

Blizzard appears to have a parallel project with Overwatch


Blizzard Only a few days ago he would have given the bad news to his fans that the company would not be present in it t Gamescom 2019, the second most important videogame fair Blizzard It has been fairly consistent, all as explained in the statement, was to focus their efforts on the content they are developing for their various franchises. Recently in your financial report J. Allen Brack, current president Blizzard Entertainment He spoke about the focus the company will have.

In the recent financial report of the first quarter of Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw Activision Blizzardalthough they had pointed out that, although they were in a year of change and changes, finally, there was not much loss by the company, which disconnected last February 8% to its payroll. In this presentation J. Allen Brack, he went out to speak on behalf of Blizzard Entertainment, to give details of what they will focus on during the year, with particular emphasis on Overwatch, one of the company's most important franchises so far.

The previous quarter, I mentioned how we have great ambitions for the Overwatch universe and how it is developed over time. Over-watching is an important and big column for Blizzard and we will continue to devote resources and attention, to continue to grow the community and the franchise over time, adding new heroes, new maps and new experiences. working on the current game as well as […] focus on the other job they have.

One is the things that a number of media have focused on in the statements J. Allen BrackHis way of distribution Overwatch as "Present Game" and added that focus on "Other Work", almost confirms that a project is parallel to Overwatchbut from the same universe, there is certainly something that they hide and we also know that universe Overwatch, despite the small progress made in the current Lore.

The gossip is talking about some focus in a mobile version of Overwatch or maybe a game that finally gives us a story mode of the fascinating universe of the shooting game Blizzard, on several occasions Jeff Kaplan, has stated that I give story mode OverwatchOur game would be completely new.

Overwatch available on the platforms Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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