Friday , February 26 2021

Bitcoin is below $ 4,000, Bakkt respects its future, mining less and more | CryptoNews

This week, the market news was most interested due to the continued reduction in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, which broke the barrier of $ 4,000 over the weekend. As a result, the feelings of the participants of the cryptomercado reach between collection or resistance, with the attention given to market behavior.

Amongst the most outstanding news are:

  • The Spanish State Tax Administration Agency reported approximately 15,000 taxpayers operating with cryptocurrencies, after receiving information about the operations with cryptocurrencies from bankers, exchange houses, mediators and companies that allow invoicing with cryptoactives.
  • The Bakkt company postponed for the 24 January 2019 the future bitcoin contracts announced to be launched on December 12th. According to Bakkt, through its CEO, Kelly Loeffler, this is because You have plans to add new features to the product.
  • The investors' feeling in relation to the fall in prices is between collecting and resisting (holding). According to information from Santiment the words in English capitulation a spans they are increasing in groups of Telegram and Reddit, although the words are hodl a catch They show much more activity than previous ones.
  • On November 21th, users received the fraudulent e-mail Maintenance platform is supplanted the company's official zone. A postal coupon was offered to get a 15% refund on the money, on Black Friday's occasion. The USD 2,400 was registered and sent to the fraudulent address.


  • A report from the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates announces that the project of issuing the digital bank of the central bank of that country at its design stage and would be ready by mid 2019. The purpose of the plan is to allow cross border payments between a certain number of banks.
  • The hash or processing rate shown by unusual mainstream networks is falling along with market prices. Indicator that some miners they have been disconnected their equipment can not reconcile their daily operations.
  • The downward trend in bitcoin prices continued in advance on November 24, when the cryptocurrency broke the US $ 4,000 barrier, trading at USD 3,813.86, which represents a refusal of 11.85%.
  • A cabbage in Argentina was sentenced to two years in jail because he had stolen 500 bulls from a sales platform in December 2017. The charges that he received the sentence were "computer fraud"A" breaking secrets and identity ".

In this way, the week was very active in the event of crypto market events, when instability was returned. Although the news about the regulatory plans and the progress of projects associated with bitcoin and cryptoactive derivatives indicate that the ecosystem is moving forward.


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