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Bitcoin has revalued more than a dollar and gold since its creation of CryptoNews

In the table, which shows on the left that BTC figures are necessary for the 1 dollar change since 2011, a curve is seen down stating that BTC needs to earn in that year a dollar, while the current date requires BTB 0.00028; fact that can be taken as an indicator of losing the value of the dollar against bitcoin, and the importance that cryptocurrency has acquired in recent years.

The figures show the growth of the bitcoin market. It is worth considering, despite the general general downturn y bitcoin price has increased more than 147,635.20 per cent in relation to the price quoted initially (2010).

For example, it should be noted at the time of writing this note 1 BTC is equivalent to $ 3,820, about a month ago there were about $ 6000, and even about the beginning of January 2018, when it was $ 15,000. But that's when evaluating the current price of the cryptoactive in relation to his quotation in the year 2010 (approximately $ 0.07) showing that growth has been important.

The Bitcoin quote began at CoinMarketCap at $ 0.06 at the end of 2010

There is a similar situation in the Relationship between bitcoin and gold pricethen the precious metal par excellence has really been depreciated since 2011, when One ounce price of gold was $ 1800; Meanwhile, BTC had a value ranging from $ 0.30 to $ 4 throughout the year, with an increase that came to almost $ 30 in June of that year.

On June 8, 2011, the bitcoin price was $ 29.60

Now, BTC is worth about $ 3800 today, and the ounce of gold is quoted at about $ 1200. In this way, while in 8 years gold has lost 33% of its value, Bitcoin has seen an increase of 13,900% in its value.

Since 2011, the price of gold has been depreciated by 33% Source:

Here is how the ratio of bitcoin with the dollar and the gold point i the exponential revaluation o cryptocurrency with ten years of history, against two assets with a long tradition in the market and had not had a bitcoin performance during that period.

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