Thursday , May 26 2022

Bitcoin Cash play comes to an end: 2 chains and millions of dollars in losses | CryptoNews


The hash war began on November 15, with an expansion of hashrate, although both chains can stabilize later. Bitcoin ABC has reached a number of hashrate bricks, although Bitcoin SV has also been exceeded in several minutes so that it can be seen in the following graphics: Graphic Coindance

Estimated operating costs have been high, so the bifurcation of the network has not only reduced the strength of the protocol, but also has produced losses on both sides which argues the true "vision" Satoshi Nakamoto, the Bitcoin creature (BTC).

Given the vulnerabilities of Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin ABC developers included some adjustments to introduce control points every 10 blocks created in the chain, to check the transaction status and size of their blocks.

The objective is to prevent the realization of block reorganization assaults (reorgs), following the ongoing threats the BCH network has received after the bifurcation. However, and also by BitMEX, even though it reduces the risk of assault rewriting the chain, introduces a new assault vector that malicious miners can use.

In this case, the assault could form a parallel string hidden from that point. When entering a chain after the tenth block, The some miners from the main BCH network could first undermine the malicious block, while others would enjoy the honest block, which would mean that the malicious chain was considered valid, as this is & # 39; r hiraf.

Although the price of both money is currently rising, it should be remembered, before the bifurcation, that all BCHs have a price of 422 dollars, and now it has to place 210 and BCHSV at 119 dollars.

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