Thursday , August 11 2022

between 1% and 1.3% of Uruguayan's population suffer


In the International Day of Epilepsy framework, this Tuesday is a day with informative talks, games and music, dedicated to learning more about this disease and knowing how to act when it is introduced.

The Uruguayan Alliance against Epilepsy and the Batar Foundation are inviting the whole public, mainly children with epilepsy and their families, to attend Amistad Park, where there are games for children and a musical show with a comparison of hotels.

Dr. stressed. Andrea Rey's importance is to inform the population better and better about the types of epilepsy that happen and the medical treatments that exist right now, so that the r t activities that can be carried out by people, particularly the smallest, are limited.

"Stigmatization of the patient with epilepsy must disappear, as the chances of having a normal life are increasing and there is no need to affect the quality of life in a patient with a manageable disease." he said, "said the doctor. expert

The incidence of epilepsy worldwide is between 1 and 1.3% of the population, approximately, and is more frequently recorded in children and older adults.

"The vast majority of the population has ever experienced an epileptic seizure," says Rey, adding that daytime procedures will be treated when someone suffers a seizure.

"The subsequent consultation with the doctor is important, but it is also important to avoid certain behaviors or reactions that people usually do in the face of these events, such as putting objects in the mouth to remove. 39 the tongue out, because they were movements that really hurt the patient ", he stressed.

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