Monday , May 23 2022

Benefits of nutritional therapy as a complement in the treatment of cancer


Marcela Moreno Wilches
Latin Agency for Medicine and Public Health News

Nutrition and dietary graduate Zuania Clemente Torres highlighted the importance of adequate nutrition for all patients with a medical condition such as cancer.

In an interview for the Journal of Medicine and Public Health (MSP), the expert noted that the disease and treatments can cause symptoms that affect the patient’s nutrition, so it is important that the patient accompanies a nutrition specialist who can identify the types of treatment and its side effects to reduce side effects through medical and nutritional therapy.

A healthy diet can help the body manage the stress caused by the disease, and help the body be more effective against treatment.

The Lcda. Clemente highlights the importance of visiting a specialist nutritionist nutritionist before beginning any cancer treatment, in order to conduct a nutritional evaluation to assign a balanced and individualized nutrition plan.

It is recommended that the diet meets nutritional requirements such as calories and other nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, as the reserves help to avoid weakness in body tissues to strengthen defenses and avoid complications .

It is important to maintain a healthy diet that includes all food groups“, He highlighted.

Side effects the patient may have in their diet

Nutritional therapy is essential for the patient to overcome these effects. Dr. Clemente some of the contributions are known “For example, for loss of appetite, we make recommendations such as a balanced diet with frequent and small meals, adding a variety of foods to your menu or daily meal plan, including foods you like , making high calorie and protein snacks, eating cold and frozen soft foods such as yogurt, drink fluids, as hydration is important in cancer patients, as well as keeping them relaxed and eating slowly

There are also nutritional supplements for canned drinks in calories and proteins that help provide the nutrients and calories the patient needs. Or for patients who want something more natural, they can be prepared fruit smoothies, where soft, liquid and cold constants are treated that can also favor throat and mouth irritation usually produced in patients.

What patients should avoid

Avoid foods that are high in fat, sugar, very seasonal, citrus or irritants, as this can aggravate the symptoms.

Healthy eating plays a fundamental role in the nutritional management of cancer patients and helps manage side effects in conjunction with medical treatment.

Strengthen the immune system

A diet in which all food groups can be included in meals, including fruits, vegetables and vegetables, includes marinacios such as wholemeal pasta or bread, dairy products, portions of meat such as chicken meat fish

To maintain a strong and balanced immune system, it is very important to include all food groups in the daily intake of the patient and not only in meals such as breakfast, lunch and supper, but also in snacks, as well as maintaining hydration good, especially based on Water consumption.

Recommendations for patients on chemotherapy

In addition to the above recommendations, it is essential to have safe food handling, with adequate hand washing before and after eating food, avoiding raw foods such as meat and fish, adequate washing of fruits and vegetables, important practices to avoid deterioration even more the affected white blood cells in cancer patients, preventing some contamination due to expiration dates, poor washing, among other aspects.

According to the type of cancer, in each patient, an individual case must be managed that meets his or her needs, so the guidance and accompaniment of a nutrition specialist is definitely.