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Bata Gatica, in mind


November 15, 2018 12:05 AM

"Sadness, no matter, felicity"He said the beautiful song by Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim, who served as a soundtrack for that beautiful movie by the French film maker Marcel Camus, Orpheus Du. The sadness is infinite. Happiness, outstanding. Not only a song of love for the most successful couple of composers in Brazil's musical history, but indeed who would give scribe and treatments of moral, ethical and political philosophy. And that's found in the centers of existence: life is, in essence, sadness, the unfortunate and unstable drift towards death. There is an overwhelming truth that every man arrives and we can prove who lived for almost forty years in the absolute unconsciousness, happiness of overflowing a whole circle of troubled history, until the most bitter, severe and in awful of existence: the morning on February 4, 1992. When the song of the seres of horror, horror and betrayal provoke all people who have been condemned by the gods to suffer for long years and end up the consequences of their stupid awesome Experience one of the most tragic periods of suffering and sadness in our history. Sadness nao fin fin, felicidade sim. Stupidity, like the universe, is endless, says Einstein, having displaced Antonio Antonio and Vinicius. The poet and diplomatic author of that great letter knew that he was living free of charge, and there was no less than Ava Gardner, when she was & # 39 It might be considered the most beautiful girl on the ground. With a good reason, I heard him confirm, along with Soledad, Chico Buarque and Marieta Severo, at Tom Jobim's house and Anita, his young wife, in celebrating the great composer of "La chica de Ipanema": "Life is to come on art draws. "

I will tell us that he had moved the news about Lucho Gatica's death, which ended suddenly in my life, in its nineteen years, giving me sad news about his death after more than half a century of life absent. This was my first musical heart. I, as a fierce fan of all the generation, was not losing a half-afternoon program of the name Time Lucha Gatica. "With you in the distance", "Clock", "The girls in Plaza España", "You my delirio", "We" and so old and new boleros have translated with the accompaniment, the first of Bolivian singer Raúl Shaw Moreno who tries The Pilgrims and later, already internationally and recorded in London, always under the EMI label, along with the British pianist's orchestra Roberto English, who would # 39 finishing in Chile A proletarian son and a numerous family where everyone, from parents to the youngest of the seven brothers, obviously allowed me to simulate the melismas and the idols born in Rancagua, a hundred kilometers to & # 39; r from Santiago. We all wanted to be like Lucho Gatica.

I listened to him for the first time when he came to Chile's musical life with a comparative accompaniment of guitar, a younger younger brother of Chile and cuecas melodies, Arturo Gatica, when I was a teenager, a high school student, singing a bolero that took out of anonymity to turn, overnight, into the most popular and famous singer in the society of Chile. He sang with a lovely, rather small and close voice, which, according to me, was the most famous bolero in the history of the popular music of Nicaragu: "Sinceridad". "Come to my life, with love, I never think of anyone but you. I'll mobilize you in my honor, I will worship you and you;"

After the unknown pledge and unsuccessful, it did not come down from the pedestal where fame would fit. After the great pianist Claudio Arrau, one of the greatest interpreters of Beethoven, and the poet, Gabriela Mistral, the most popular and famous in the history of China's Nobel Prize in Literature. Soon, he settled in Mexico, the Spanish continent's musical center, and he married Puerto Rico's famous film actor, Mapita Cortez. This was the first figure that we can be proud of a Chilean, when globalization was not over the planet. Keeping all the distances, he repeated the Carlos Gardel, the first Latin American singer and world famous artist.

Then there were other Chilean who gained fame in general, but they were dragged unfortunately, not through pleasure. Outside Neruda, the other Nobel prize, is unforgettable by another love song of great words, the "Poem 20": "I can write sad sorrows tonight and mood;" or the great love poems of the "The verses of the captain" or an incredible love song to Machu Pichu – the famous man who moved humanity and became a symbol and tragedy, the socialist doctor Chile, Salvador Allende . But that is another song. In terms of politics, it makes us so much happier, the least it appears and will be publicly displayed; while being produced, it works and it is to be activated in the back room of the public squares, in the places that are specially dedicated to it: in the carpet seats and stunning the parties, the unions, the parliaments, the ministerial offices, the cancers. As in Switzerland or in the Nordic countries. It's enough to break into media headlines and start to highlight the majority take over the public squares to bring the conclusion that happiness deals with a terrible diagnosis Vinicius de Moraes.

Well, after a lifetime, I've come to the conclusion that politics, the monstrous constarant boa, probably sleep, open your eyes and start calling attention to citizens who do not notice that ; dancing to Lucero Gatica or hazardous Lucia Gelica from Celia Cruz, enjoying almost unconsciously the huge happiness this gets while the public of the Romans, our public thing, is fully developing and transparent transparency, to return to past feeds. The arts usually make us happy, even if it's imaginative, amazing. It's a beauty gift. Politics helps us to survive our unfortunate. Fight Job. There is no case: sadness no matter fim, happiness sim.

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