Wednesday , March 3 2021

Basic factors in fat loss

Losing fat can be a big business. Surely when someone tells you that you have to do something 100% of time to lose weight. Although you can also wear a palmer when you believe and those who like a fitness say that strength training is a barrier to everything.

The hidden business behind physical change can range from rehabilitation for good sports performance to the magic formula for fat loss. Without any doubt, the additional cills have always been a hot topic in the physicist industry; especially as almost 60% of the western population is overweight or obese. That is, companies in this environment can find around a billion billion potential customers.

You need time (and will) to lose weight

A study that analyzed the various research on losing weight in different parts of the world. The collection was simple: it's not easy to achieve. Here are some of the common reasons for achieving good weight control:

  • Perform between 150 and 250 minutes per week of moderate physical activity to help protect against weight gain.
  • Making more than 250 minutes of moderate physical activity can lead to significant weight loss.
  • And if we are to increase fat losses more, we should do between 250 and 300 minutes a week of moderate physical activity. That is, about 2,000 fewer weekly calories.

This suggests that if some moderate weekly activity (150 minutes around ten minutes a day) would be useful to avoid weight gain, a much higher amount will help us to lose fat efficiently.

Weight training helps

Scientists found that the introduction of resistant training is useful in creating favorable changes in body composition, muscle strength, bone density, heart risk reduction and psychosocial wellbeing and metabolism.

The important functional and healthy benefits of resistant exercise are obvious, but this is not the best way to reduce body weight higher. Combining low-calorie diet resistant exercises does not provide extra benefits for fat loss beyond what can only be achieved with diet. That is, do not go to the error of more than physical activity and become hungry.

Three pillars are needed to get it right

There are three key factors to achieve successful fat loss: calorie restriction, resistance training and physical activity (moderate aerobic training). So, anyone trying to convince you that "this way" or "with this product" you're going to get, you just want to see something. We're tired of seeing, research has clearly shown that there is nothing that can help you to reduce weight in a magical way. Just like a factor that does not play a more important part in fat losses.

A clear example of this could be bodybuilders before the competition. Logically, they are immersed in a special diet for resistant training, but when they want to lose weight, they add more light aerobic work (walking, cycling) and reducing their calories. It also happens at CrossFit: there is a lot of resistance training, a flexible paleo feeding plan and a metcon job (which is the only difference in comparison to moderate one).

To get the results, come and work

Changes in the body's constitution take place in the long term and because of the three factors that we have named above. Be careful to carry out some of the factors inappropriately, because you can have an unnecessary effect. For example, if we overseen training, we will really look for fatigue of muscles that keep us away from physical activity. Take time and be patient. You know what they say: in month, you will notice the results, in three months your surroundings will be close and six months you will be a new person.

Eat in a balanced and healthy way, but do not restrict any nutrition group. Rest rest correctly and stay fit as long as your day allows. It would be interesting that you also present high intensity exercises to increase that fat loss.

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