Tuesday , January 26 2021

Baby teeth could save lives

Perez's mouse is in trouble. Milk teeth could help save lives, according to a study by the US National Center for Biotechnology.

So far, if a child loses a tooth of milk, what is usually done is put the piece under the pillow and the character above takes it in exchange for gift. But the science (again) could be disproved by science.

This study notes that milk teeth include stem cells which, because they have been less susceptible to environmental damage, are valuable in helping to regenerate new cells in other parts of the body. report on AWM website.

These stem cells can be used from infant teeth in a number of medical procedures that could even save the child's life in the future.

Stem cells have the ability to become any cell in the body, so their existence is essential in treating serious diseases such as cancer.

Currently, the bone marrow is used as the main source of stem cells, but our organ is difficult to access. That's why milk teeth – which also include them – could be useful.

In addition to the fight against cancer, stem cells can be used for bone regeneration, neurological cell regeneration, heart attack prevention, liver regeneration, diabetes treatment or ocular tissue regeneration. And every year new utilities are discovered.

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