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AS Roma vs. Real Madrid – Match Report – November 27, 2018

(Paola Núñez, correspondent) – Real Madrid met in Rome with a 0-2 win to secure their place in the first round of the group.

When nobody was expecting it. When everyone gave up. The more he was ignored for the fake "lack of commitment". When Madrid left for his exile to the Premier League or wherever he was, Gareth Bale lights the way to Real Madrid.

Gareth Bale took advantage of a Roma gift to start a win that could get the first place in his group, and with that, the end of the road to the end. If now between February and February, when the round of 16 is played, the honey team strives to find it.

Roma and Real Madrid started the game, knowing, in the round of 16 after winning a Pilsen victory over Moscow CSKA. However, the first place was at stake. The difference between facing them in the second round against the competitors & # 39; Manchester City, Juventus or Barcelona, ​​or avoid them.

And Real Madrid is not for great challenges. Along with Solari or its predecessor, it becomes harder and harder to solve and solve its ideas. Every time he produces less and gives more. They are – sometimes – the courage that Solari has asked for and a little other.

But not all arrested.

In 45 minutes, Madrid was unable to make the least damage in Rome. An interesting movement here and there from Kroos. Career from the Bale to anywhere. Another of Lucas Vázquez, is hungry to show her best value. But Madrid made a little game with consistency, no matter how difficult she was trying to break. Search the collection.

Desperate Bale, Marcelo and Lucas, who try to get the ball into the area as it should. More Benzema, with that heavy thing of having to meet an honorary quota to collect goals; Extra burden to normal work in the creation and the whole for the foolishness of not having a game in the way.

Kroos have disappeared, there is nothing else to find a pair. Or Modric, the only relatively dangerous with scratches out of the area. Rome is sure to have closed the ranks behind. But Madrid is theoretically the potential to open any defense. She did not have it for the first time.

According to a disaster. There was no protective player who did not present the ball in a danger zone. Luck helped them; the umpteenth ball that was turned off by the millimeters and Courtois reactions. Also the lack of experience of Rome's assault. Without the injured ElShaarawy, Roma was not over 22 years old. And it was noticed. Talent, they are. But the honey set does not exceed the fang. Something as simple as raising your head to shoot. So much went to Ünder – as well as having sent a ball to heaven with Courtois being harmed and practicable.

And that luck, along with the experience of the Romans, except for the day for Madrid and took a burden off Bale.

Olsen's bad clearance ended in an anti-trouble that ended after the "11", where he had to be and maintain everything possible to shoot without suggesting out of place, r 0-1 for two minutes of the second part started.

Ten minutes later, he lucked again on the meringues when the Bale center was open, which focused so that Benzema, a few meters from the door, had completed the sport. The purpose was counted as a failure at the opportunity, but then Lucas Vázquez, who is already murdered by the strong man from Solari to complete the assault before the famous Isco or Asensio appeared. The Galician had to only push the ball to give the 0-2 and finish saving the day. And it's like the season.

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