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An attack at Carabobo University caused over 20 injuries


November 16, 2018 01:18 AM

University of Carabobo University Council of Marlon Díaz student acknowledged as the new president of the Federation of University Centers of that house that, according to the representatives of the Electoral Commission, is elected by the student unit with 85% of votes being count until Wednesday night.

During the electoral process a violent situation was recorded on the Bárbula campus and at the rectory, and the elections were suspended into three faculties, but the ballot resumed hours before the first voting counted.

Pedro Aure, secretary of the UC, during a violent assault of moods, which is said to be protected by Carabobo Police officers, said about 20 victims were injured and punished. "What lived here yesterday was terrible; a tragedy could have happened," said the teacher, who said that the groups brought some students' property.

Rector Jessy Divo noted on Wednesday that armed people take armed vehicles and war devices, alien to the organization they threaten, shoot on teachers and students, and also stealing some offices.

"The whole ucista community is at risk due to the threats received and because of the violent incidents that were held during the elections, even at night," he said.

Aaron Rodríguez, leader of Voluntad Popular who graduated from that house of studies said that a tear gas bomb was banned in the Law Directorates, and in the Legal and Political Sciences. He added that the Engineering Faculty students were kidnapped for three hours by armed men who were trying to bring the ballot papers.

The headteacher noted that, although he had asked the security agencies for help, he took any patrol to the faculties during the violent assault. Divo was seen with suspicion that the presence of regional government officials and Carabobo's martyrs, who were not involved in the student process.

At the University Council session, the Electoral Commission was also confirmed, and it was approved to suspend academic and administrative activities in the afternoon yesterday and today at the Bárbula headquarters and the rectory, due to the uncertainty conditions that exist in the university.

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