Thursday , August 11 2022

Advanced developer Bitcoin Cash draws back from Bitcoin Unlimited project CryptoNews


Today, one of Bitcoin Cash's main developers and Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) project, Amaury Séchet decided to resist his membership at BU, as he considered members of the GM community Bitcoin to be related. to this project has "toxic behaviors" against ABC Bitcoin developers.

Séchet announced his firm retirement from Bitcoin Unlimited by publication in his Medium blog. The software engineer stressed that the decision was made after learning that other PB developer Antony Zeger had also decided to resign his membership last week, after considering that Bitcoin Unlimited is a project close to Bitcoin SV community.

Zeger mentioned that members of Bitcoin SV have filed a legal case against a group of ABC developers Bitcoin, have familiarized themselves among them Amaury Séchet, after the Bifcoin Cash bifurcation. The law, considered by Zeger as “selfish”, has not been condemned by the community of SV Bitcoin, which the developer decided to stay away from any project in which this community is involved, t including Bitcoin Unlimited.

Séchet claims to share his colleague's and Zeger's viewpoint, noting that the legal case submitted to Bitcoin Cash developers has been for "providing open source software" and to be being compliance with unlawful charges. Also, the developer noted that Bitcoin Unlimited leaders had been complacent with Bitcoin SV members, which has proved to be "openly open" to other project participants.

Amaury Séchet's resignation of Bitcoin Unlimited could be a heavy blow to the venture, as the software engineer would have been one of the main members when offering the full aim in the Bitcoin network. . Séchet is also recognized for being involved in the development of Bitcoin, offering the offer and biturcation of Bitcoin Cash, as well as being one of the leading Bitcoin ABC developers.

The community of cryptoactives has shown on many occasions that hostility between certain groups can extend to an intolerable degree, with the battle between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV being one of the best of the community. Accordingly, a former developer of Ethereum, Afri Schoedon, recently denied that some members of the ecosystem had come to show with their unprecedented levels of intolerance and violence. front.

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