Monday , August 15 2022

Adele and Jennifer Lawrence went to a party and the result was complete


I am authorized S. ARGENTINA KUARZO and / or NET TV S.A., "THE PRODUCERS" and their names here
parent companies, associated companies, subsidiaries, concessionaire, successors and assignors make use of my company.
attendance for any television program (the "Program") and in connection with Kuarzo Argentina S.A. and / or
NET TV S.A. or others.


1. I specifically authorize, irrevocably and unconditionally, the transfer, re-transfer, reproduction or
Publishing the Materials in all forms of communication, including, without limitation

2. Make recordings and take photos of me, record my voice, conversations, sayings,
facts and sounds, during and in connection with my participation in the Program (from now on, the. t
"Materials"), without having to pay me compensation. I am authorized the PRODUCERS and / or the
Channel to display, reproduce or publish in any way photographs, filming and / or recordings of such kind
in any medium and all, including Program promotions and presto
as my name is published. For this purpose, I give my express consent
to film, record it and / or remove it and so that the movies, the recordings and the subsequent images are
has been displayed, reproduced or published by LAS PRODUCTORAS and / or the Canal.

3. I accept that the PRODUCERS and / or the Channel will be the exclusive owners of the results.
the proceeds of the Materials with the right to register intellectual property, to the use and grant t
permission for others to use it, in any form and by any means. As a result,
I specifically authorize, irrevocably and unconditionally the transfer, re-conversion, reproduction or
Publishing the Materials in all forms of communication, including, without limitation
some, TV services in the air, antenna, cable or satellite, radio, graphic media, cinema,
Internet (including, without limitation, "streaming", download ("download"), "webcasting", and video "on
mobile and / or wireless services (including, without limitation, "streaming", downloads) t
("Downloads"), "podcast" and "wireless media"), in whole or in portion, with any
purpose, without time limit and this authorization is not limited to the Republic of Argentina
and without enforcing the PRODUCERS and / or the Channel to make any kind of additional payment.

Keep strict confidentiality about all the information you provide in my information
some kind of relationship with the Program. I will not share this information with third parties. I force myself to
achieve all necessary reasonable actions and adopt all appropriate measures to ensure
The information received is not used by third parties, disclosed or disclosed, in whole or in part. I will not use
the information for another purpose than to participate in the Program. I accept and understand that the
My case of breaking the description above will have very serious consequences
for you and so, I have to indemnify you for the damages that a breach of such kind causes you.
I hereby omit my right to examine or approve my presentation or use of such
introduced. Also, an agreement not to submit any claim of any kind whatsoever
against any person in connection with the exercise of the permission hereby given.

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