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A dog regulator announces an ICO warning and the purchase of cryptoactive substances CryptoNews

The organization also emphasized, on an international scale, that there are many financial authorities that have stated the risks and "speculative factors" associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies. In this section they state "about the risks of fraud and potential connection to illegal activities".

The SMV statement comes 10 days after Peru Central Bank also warned of the risks associated with the purchase of cryptocurrencies. The financial authority emphasized on November 16, by tweet, what "cryptocurrencies is not supported by central banks and have risks due to high volatility in their price, fraud cases and their potential use in illegal activities. Bitcoin price dropped 56% until October 2018 and also 13% to date in November. "

BTC sales on the increase

Despite what was said by the central bank and securities supervision, Peru recorded a new record in the commercialization of bitcoins last week. According to figures from Coin Dance, the number of weekly transactions with the main cryptocurrency cap reached LocalBitcoins. For the November 24 week, the portal registered exchanges reached 171 BTC, equivalent to 669.807 US dollars at the time of writing.


The bitcoin trade arrived at New Record last week with an exchange that reached 171 BTC at LocalBitcoins. Source: CoinDance.

Although Peruvian financial institutions do not directly prohibit the Initial Proposals of Arrows or operations with cryptoactives, yes, they send a warning message to investors to be careful and, above all, make it clear that they will not be covered in case of losses because it is an activity that is not regulated by the State.

At this point, it is also important to say that a study by Autonomous Research reveals that funding through the ICO has decreased, in August, to the lowest level to date in 2018. & # 39; r ICOs have been treated in different ways through legislation from each country. So, for example, they were banned in China or South Korea, and they have been closely regulated in the United States. Even in Europe, the highest collection amounts have been established through this method.

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