Wednesday , July 28 2021

A cat is going to visit his friend's house, who died from cancer more than a year ago

A cat named Baby Gray continues to visit the house yard in Decatur, Alabama (USA), where she was meeting everyday and for months with a friend; very special, a dog from the name Gracie who died of cancer. more than one yearThe dog owner, Shea Belew Brennaman, explained to The Dodo's gateway.

The animal met two and a half years ago, when the cat visited a yard, where the dog did not just throw it out, but it ended up receiving it.

For a year, the animals were collected in the courtyard, where they are often in their family. According to the owner, even the finger The cat shared with tomatoes, its favorite food. Brennaman says her pet has "a sweet personality." "She was a friend for everyone and it seemed very mum," he added.

However, in October 2017, the dog was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and died within one month. After the death of his friend, the cat still visited the patio. "First, it's going to the door and looking for Gracie, I do not know how long it is waiting, sometimes it's waiting for about 20 minutes and then walk to the portal where I sit just before going to bed and sun, "Brennaman explained.

"I'm struggling to see that Baby Gray is still looking for Gracie," kills the woman, but comforts her, by the "strong bond" that unites them.

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