Thursday , May 26 2022

8 tips to lose 2 inches of abdomen fat in 2 weeks


The overweight body fat is tired in any part of the body, but Especially around the waist is not only dumb but also unhealthy. Doctors warn about the dangers of getting more inches in this area, from chronic diabetes to heart disease.

These are Tips to lose two inches of abdomen fat in two weeks, recommended by experts Eat This, Not That !, can make the difference in your health figure and. Continue and try.

Make sure you have vinegar in the cupboard

Include some vinegar in your daily diet. Although it does not work miracles, its acetic acid content will improve your metabolism and help you get rid of fat easier.

Look for antioxidants

We know that foods such as red fruit are full of antioxidants. Some of these fruits have been barrage, raspberries, bryberries and strawberries to reduce inflammation and help reduce the fat of the abdomen. Also, they're good to keep the brain in good condition.

Forget the sweeteners no calories

They are so poor, or worse, than the sugar itself. Why? Because increase the risk of obesity in the abdomen and cause food sewage that is full of carbohydrates and sugars. This was checked by Yale University. So, if you can not drink that coffee without sugar, use better uninsured sweeteners such as maskabado or maguey honey.

Weight lifting weight

As a rule, when we aim to lose weight, we are looking for a cardiovascular or aerobic exercise regime at once, but weight-raising can be very effective in eliminating the fat of the abdomen. Inquiry into Harvard Public Health School it found that adults with weight training are at risk of obese, as well as that this exercise increases the metabolic rate, which means that your body gets better on nutrients and it's easier to get rid of what you do not need.

Avoid hydrogated fats

The only way to find that food contains hydrogated fats (which is the same as cross fats), is to read the labels. This good practice will save you many calories and many substances that are disappears on your metabolism and body. Hydrogenated fats or fractures promote the storage of body fat and increase the risk of heart problems, cholesterol raising and obesity.

Do not eliminate carbohydrates

In addition to banning everything that contains odors like carbohydrates in your diet, it's about making an informed choice of them. Always look for complete grain carbohydrates, such as oats, whole grains, quinoa or tapioca. In addition to the inclusion of fiber that helps to regulate gastrointestinal function, they help to reduce the visual fat, the fat that covers some organs and makes us tend to be an overweight, disease heart or diabetes.

Do not eat after lunch

Lunch time is lunchtime. Do not increase the food after that moment: close the fridge and do not fall to snacks. A fast time of at least eight hours will help your metabolism to work better and you will prevent accumulation of fat around your center.

Sleep more

The study called Nurses Health Study, which performed among 60,000 women at the age of 16, showed that those who slept for about seven hours or more, lessened the abdomen fat and sleepers just five. More than that, women with less sleeping increased by around 30 or more pounds in the years the research was carried out.

Try Try these tips for two weeks and you'll be surprised and desirable when your center measures two inches fewer. Nothing to lose.

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