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5 ways to increase your energy without health medicine The Magazine

Few people have been excluded from having periods where we feel completely tired.

Whatever we do, the feeling is the same: fatigue.

If you have already ruled out any medical problems with your doctor, you can try small changes in your daily life to boost your energy levels.

BBC Mundo consulted with specialist sources and presents you with five recommendations.

1. Learning to slow down

Overloading activities can be tempting and even more trying to implement them all in the shortest time possible, but that can be counterproductive and actually reduce your energy levels.

Stress uses a lot of our energy.

Sharing the tasks is not just the secret, but putting them in a place throughout the day and, if it's possible, the week.

“Instead of burning your battery's life in two hours, t Distribute it to tasks you can do in the morning, in the afternoon and at night, not forgetting to take breaks and eat between them ".

That is one of the tips of the specialist publication in Harvard University School of Medicine, Harvard Health Publication.

According to UK Health Service, NHS (for its acronym in English: National Health Service), "Stress uses a lot of energy".

That's why we recommend introducing relaxing activities: from listening to music and reading to spending time with your friends.

"Everything that relaxes will improve your energy", showing the British organization.

2. The secret can be in the exercises or in a nap

Although they may be at the top of the spectrum, exercise or taking can have magical effects on your energy levels.

Taking a break at work or in your studies and going for a walk around the block can have an immediate effect on how you feel.

There is no more comfort to body and mind than short nap, about 20 or 30 minuteswhen you're tired However, Harvard Medical School warns:

"If you're having trouble falling asleep at night, you have to know that taking naps can make insomnia worse."

"If so, the option is to: move, pick up and walk around the block or just stand and move"American education center said.

You may think that the last thing that causes you to do when you are tired is exercises. Sure! You are tired.

But, as the NHS notes, regular exercise will make you feel less tired in the long term and that will make you get more energy.

"Even though 15 minute walk it will boost your energy and the benefits will increase as physical activity is done more often. "

It is recommended to start with small exercise sessions and increase their period over the weeks and months "until the recommended goal of 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic exercise, such as riding a bike or walking fast, weekly, is achieved". 39 British organization.

And if fatigue affects your concentration and even thinks it affects your mental performance, exercise is also part of the answer because "it has direct effects on the brain"

This is explained by the neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki in the TedTalk talk: "The benefits of exercise changing the brain"(Changes in the brain due to the benefits of exercise").

"One exercise you perform it will immediately increase neurotransmitter levels, such as dopamine, serotonin, and noradrenaline. This increases the mood after the exercise (…) My team (from researchers) showed that only one exercise can improve your ability to adjust and concentrate, and that there will be an improvement in concentration. last at least two hours, "said the expert

3. Do not bet on supplements

In the market there is a wide variety of supplements that promise to raise your energy levels and even call themselves "anti-aging" supplements.

Before taking a vitamin supplement it is recommended that you consult your doctor if you really need it.

"There is no evidence that they work," said Harvard University. And in some cases, "the Side effects still produce a question mark"

According to Harvard Health Publication, for example, iron, "gives you energy if you have a clear defect, which a doctor can detect with a blood test."

Otherwise, it shows, you don't need to take it and be aware that eating too much iron can actually be harmful.

Also remember that foods rich in iron such as red meat, green vegetables and fortified foods such as cereals.

Another example is the family of vitamins B: B1, B2, B6, B12.

Although it is true that "the body helps to convert food into energy that cells can burn, drink more B vitamins, do not refill the cells," said the university.

According to the NHS, most people you do not need to take vitamin supplements to improve your energy levels.

"You can get all the necessary vitamins and minerals in a healthy and balanced diet."

However, there are people who may experience some inadequacy and need an attachment. Therefore, the importance of consulting the doctor before taking any supplement.

4. Don't fall into the sweet trap

Be wise when deciding which fuel you supply.

Although it is tempting, sugar is not the best solution to raise your energy levels.

"A sweet pastry of the bakery will give you a lot of calories, but your body will tend to metabolize quickly and you can t finished underwater sugar in the blood and with fatigue, "says the school.

Look better at the other way:

"You will maintain a more stable energy level if you eat lean proteins and unleaded carbohydrates, try yoghurt with a few nuts, raisins and honey, so your body will absorb; r the carbohydrate and protein mixture gradually. "

The Harvard publication also recommends do not skip meals so that the body receives the nutrients it needs by day.

The NHS agrees: "If you eat regularly, it will be easier for you to maintain your energy levels."

"Try to eat three meals a day, if necessary, eat between snack meals or a healthy snack, such as fruit or low calorie yoghurt," he adds.

Indeed, according to the British organization, a good way of getting to grips with fatigue is "eating regular meals and healthy snacks every 3 to 4 hours, rather than a big meal less often."

The NHS also warns that there is no food, including those that have been categorized as "superfoods", which alone compensates for a diet that is not healthy.

"There is no evidence that one food can provide more energy," he said.

5. Watch out for caffeine

Although many of us feel its immediate effect and they don't conceive a day without it, coffee is the eye of many experts.

According to the NHS, Royal College of Psychiatrists (Royal College of PsychiatristsI recommend that anyone who feels tired removes caffeine.

Recovering from caffeine for a while could affect how you feel and on your energy levels.

And it says "the best way to do that is to give the best to take, gradually, drinks without caffeine for a period of 3 weeks."

Remember that caffeine is not only in coffee and tea, but in energy drinks and sodas.

"Try not to eat caffeine completely for a month to see it if you feel less tired without it", shows the NHS.

The British health organization also recommends drinking water.

"Sometimes you feel tired because of that." you have a little dehydration"he explains. (F)

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