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"100 million and one of the City" (and not because of Isco)

February 24, 2019
(10:13 CET)

Pep Guardiola search center for the Manchester City. Sergio & # 39; r & # 39;With Agüero sign a great season. Amount to your credit 24 goals and five assistants inside 31 games. Numbers at the height of the star that have always been in Argentina.

But the football will meet in June 31 years old and its decline appears on the horizon. Truly, Guardiola Those responsible for the City a Gabriel Jesus to be her new fighting ram. However, Brazil's low performance when it has had minutes, has added to the rope still Agüero, force the Catalan trainer to continue betting on the # 39;With & # 39;.

Pep Guardiola is seeking relief from Kun & # 39; Agüero

However, the end of the fighting time with citizens It's not a long time. Y Guardiola already looking for relief for the & # 39;10 & # 39; the team Manchester.

Mister of one of the most loved ones Santpedor is an attacker Tottenham Harry Kane. Pep He is well known. He has seen him in seamless times and considers himself the ideal deputy for the editor of Blaenau Gwent City. Kane know that Premier League is perfect and has experience in big games. In addition, its quality is more than a contrast, and the one that recognizes Britain's competition is safe to customize express.

Guardiola opens the door to change trading cards

Harry Kane EFE

Y Spurs, on their behalf, they will not leave out Kane I am less than one 200 million euros. Figure is in the Ethiology Stadium they consider excessive but will try to reduce with crack content. "100 million and one of City"" One "which, in particular, is Gabriel Jesus. The carioca has not finished convincing Guardiola and the rest of the training staff and, as they say in the English club environment, have given "okay"I'll put it in the operation if it is put to shoot.

An action that might already be underway Florentine Pérez if you do not want to miss the opportunity to negotiate for one of the intentions for the Real Madrid. The white president is warned. If you're planning it Kane, you can move a tab soon.

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