Thursday , June 30 2022

1-3. Leones returned from Caracas to the south and LVBP after defeating Águilas del Zulia


Photo: @leonesbbc

(TheCaracas, November 7 – News24) Lions from Caracas won this Wednesday i Águilas del Zulia through board black 1-3 at the UCV University Stadium. With this victory, the capitalists restore the leadership of the present harvest.

The hair was leading in the second pub, with a single homer by Harold Ramírez to put the board on 0-1.

At the bottom of the third pub Tovar appeared with one field hitting the center, with Reyes arriving at the plate, adding the 0-2.

Wilfredo Tovar, at the bottom of the fifth with double fold to the center's closer, and Reyes pulled the second to the rubber for the 0-3.

Águilas discounted in the eighth episode, with a tweet by Humberto Arteaga who was driving Alberto Gonzalez.

With this victory, Leones has locked in the first place the leader with 14-8. On his behalf, the Zulia is fourth with 11-10.

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