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❗5 new things you can do Google Home


November 16, 2018

There are many things that you can do with Google Home and you may not know some of them, from listening to a favorite station, ask your favorite color, play with a Google Assistant and even old to know the most relevant local news at the time. The truth is that things like Google's smartphone get in touch, things change in the parts of smart devices that surround us so you can know what you can do it with Google Home.

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Things you can do with Google Home:

Listen to the radio with Google Home: Amongst the things you can do with Google Home is the possibility of listening to your favorite radio station, of course they can find Google's terrestrial digital radio and Internet radio stations, you have to say the phrase "Ok Google" and then a radio station and you can also use the name of the station.

Ask Google Home for information to learn: Finally, among the things that you can do with Google Home, you can learn and find answers to many of your everyday questions, from those related to mathematical accounts, simultaneous translations, conversion of units, nutrition, dictionaries and much more. To use it again you have to say the phrase "Ok Google Ok" and then ask your question, for example, country capital, local language used, special dates, measurements, definition of words according to Royal Spanish Academy and much more.

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