Saturday , January 22 2022

You will have to reset Overwatch & # 39; To get her next big update


Unfortunately, that means you do not have a choice but to find a way to do if you have a connection with a cap. Blizzard does not have a release date for the update again – the company was only a warning notice, most likely because some users could raise hell if they suddenly had to re-set a whole game when they just expected a park. Once the gaming game publishes date and time, you may want to plan accordingly and arrange your other downloads for a later date.

This is the full company announcement:

"We wanted to go ahead this early and let all of you know what to expect with the next large park. We do not currently have a date / release time with this, but it will update & This thread we will do once.

The next big piece will have some pretty basic changes to the game client. The number of surplus changes we provide is substantial enough that we can not transport the current content efficiently. As a result, when the next piece comes out, the client will completely reset to address these changes. We know this is not ideal for people with meter connections, so I hope this announcement will help you prepare for this update.

Thank you for your patience with this matter, and we'll see you all in the game! "

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