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Witness to shoot security security Jemel Roberson: A fire officer opened up even 5 seconds & # 39; after warning


Jemel Roberson was wearing a sweatshirt cap and sweat that had had the word "Security" when he was shot by a Midlothian police officer, while Roberson's armor attempted to take a suspicious early Sunday in the bar Robbins, a colleague from dead man at the Tribune.

Dorian Myrickes, 43, who was injured during the disorganized morning morning event in the bar, said the Midlothian officer warned Roberson to drop his gun, but fired at him within "no up to 5 seconds" of; the warning.

Myrickes, who was speaking on Thursday morning from the suburban hospital, said another officer in the scene was printing the Midlothian cop after shooting Roberson.

"A cop, says, Dyn, you do not have to do that, you did not have to do that. We know these men. We told you they are says Myrickes, who said he was close to getting out of an injury when he heard that statement.

Myrickes also said that Roberson was seeking help from the Midlothian officer to begin to help spread the suspicion of earlier shooting that had brought several police officers to the location.

Myrickes' description of what Roberson is wearing is different from the preliminary investigation of a State Police in Illinois who said that Roberson was wearing "plain black clothes with no marks easily recognizing him as Guard Security. "

The Myrickes account is also different in one aspect of what was said earlier at the Associated Press. The AP said that Myrickes had said that I did not hear that the officer told Roberson to drop his gun. In a later interview with Tribune, Myrickes said he had heard the officer ordered Roberson to drop his weapon before shooting a second later.

The state police, based on witness statements, said that Roberson had told "multiple" times to drop his gun.

The Myrickes account adds fuel to the argument that has arisen over the black shooting of Roberson, by the Midlothian officer, who is white and has since been put on leave. The shoot took place as the police officer and police officer responded to the "shots" call at the Las Manny Room Lounge at Claire Boulevard at Robbins.

At his Tribune interview, Myrickes said he and Roberson were part of the six-person security team working at Manny on Saturday and Sunday morning. Myrickes said he and Roberson were initially working unarmed with the crew inside, but he believed that Roberson had either had suspected gun or had been restored himself when he was shot by the officer

He said fighting had broken between two groups of men, and that he and Roberson were trying to ruin the situation.

"So we, like four people, were out of the front door, and we were trying to get eight people out of the side," said Myrickes from a hospital room. "They were becoming very aggressive, and started threatening our lives. We take them out of the door, let's tell them that we will make sure they get their people out. Safe, we did not mean harm, just to break the change.

"The next thing you know, one of the men shot a gun out and started shooting," said Myrickes, adding that security guards work outside the club doing it Surely the male males are "patio down pretty well" before entering the bar. He said he believed that the shooter either obstructs a gun outside, or an outside person passing by.

Myrickes said that he and Roberson were the door but still in the time the shooting began. But before they could close the door, Myrickes said, a second person started shooting.

"Now I did not realize that I was hit. I fell and fell," he says, adding a young woman as he rises or goes to die.

Myrickes said he could hear someone in the group of men who had started shooting, "Get the blitz", which meant they wanted a bigger gun to come back.

"Everyone started to shoot, running in different directions," said Myrickes. "I'm a mistake out of the front door … That's when I ran into the police officer (Midlothian) (who had AR-15, and said that he was straight on my head, he said, "Put your hands up."

Myrickes said he told the officer that he was safeguarding and not shooting him.

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"It's over, I set the flask in my face, and he said, You've been hit," #; says Myrickes. "He pulled my sweat shirt, and told me that I hit a gun. It was so abusive, and I said, Let me go back at the club and warn them that there is a cop in with guns. & # 39;

"He (running) passes me so fast – I've been back to the club – and he's sitting up on the bar, pointing to the gun in the bartender, shouting, Getting on the ground! "

Myrickes said that other police officers were already in the bar at the time, but none of them helped Roberson with the suspect of the earlier shooting that he finally caught it on the floor of the ground in the porch just outside the side door.

"It was falling (for Roberson i) to drop the gun," said Myrickes. "Jemel, I'm sure, said: You need to wear this man under control. We do not want the man to turn over and take the gun from Jemel. & # 39;

Myrickes said that not even 5 seconds of the time the officer ordered that Roberson dropped the gun to the time the officer fired the first shot. "

"The first shot goes into a leg (Roberson's)," said Myrickes. "(The officer) tones the gun across the bar, everyone is like again, Whoa, whoa, and then (the officer) shoes again (Roberson). Jemel is hit back in the side. "

Myrickes said he was just starting to go out, but he heard another gop in the reprimand of the officer's bar, which Roberson shot.

"A cop, a black cop with glasses, he said," Man, you do not have to do that, you did not have to do that. We know these men We told you they were security. 39; "

Myrickes said that he did not recognize the officer who opened fire, nor the copier who gave the reprimand.

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Myrickes said that no Midlothian or Robbins officer on the scene gave him or her a first aid to Roberson.

Myrickes did not know Midlothian's officer and Roberson shot.

"He was not the only cop on the scene, but he was the only one with AR," said Myrickes. "No other copies were removed."

Official sources have not been addressed to several aspects of the Myrickes account, including the number of officers on the location, which others had removed and was another officer calls on the Midlothian officer to shoot Roberson. Police and the state said on Wednesday that they did not intend to release further information at that time.

The Office of the Cooking County Medical Auditor has confirmed that Roberson has died of a lot of tone wounds.

Myrickes said he believed that Roberson was cheating that he was one of the men who opened fire on them, but he did not know whether the gun Roberson was holding himself or he had taken off on the shooter.

"Jemel and I were not armed that night," he said. "Jemel leaves her diagonal and a bullet gun in the car. We were on the inside. I do not know if the offender was a gun. We all parked in the car park near the back door. Jemel will have had time to take a gun out of a car when the battle started breaking. Everything was fine. He did not deserve to get a shot. "

Myrickes said he and Roberson had been working with each other, usually on the inside, at the club for a while.

"It was massive," said Myrickes. "He would always say sir or son. Even if he could kick someone out, he would always say," Hey, go home and sober up and come back and a party with us the following day. "It was never anxious."

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Myrickes said he had twice been shot in the shoulder, and that one of the lungs was collapsed. He said that doctors consider surgery to lung repair.

He was frightened with emotion in mind of hearing that Roberson had died.

"My brother came to the hospital room (Monday) and told me," he said. "I was hurt, a man. The man was 26. This man was trying to do everything in the right way."

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