Thursday , May 26 2022

Why Hillary Clinton should not run in 2020


The quote increases if Hillary Clinton will be launching an application for the White House in 2020.

In a recent op-ed, his former long-term advisor, Mark Penn, said "Hillary will run again" at the next US federal election.

"This new version of Mrs Clinton, when she runs for president in 2020, will become a full round – back to the innovative fireboard that promotes general healthcare from 1994, "he says The Wall Street Journal. "True to her name, Mrs Clinton will fight this until the last dog dies. She will not leave a little bit like two stunning overshadowing standing in the way she is claiming her; r Ty Gwyn. "

Last month, Ms Clinton was asked if she could consider running another for the top job.

His response? "Well, I would like to be president. I hope, hopefully, when we have Democrats at the Oval Office in January 2021, so much work will be done."

"I mean we have confused everyone in the world, including ourselves," she went on. "We have confused our friends and enemies.

"They have no idea what the United States means, what we are likely to do, what we think is important, so the work would be the work that I felt & She's been ready for having been in Parliament for eight years, after being a diplomat in the State Department, and just going to be a lot of heavy lifting. "

Not exactly is "No, it's probably not".

But many commentators on both sides of the political spectrum have indicated that Ms Clinton was launching bid 2020 would be the worst possible thing for the Democrats to do.

"The bottom line is that most Americans have had enough Clintons, just as they have from the Buses," he wrote The Australian Correspondent Washington Cameron Stewart

"Hillary Clinton has had his opportunities – in 2008 when Barack Obama was defeated for the Democrat nomination and again in 2016 when Trump spent her in the presidential election. Her problem is that she is still a figure unpopular and polarized. "

Similarly, Chris Cillizza, CNN, said that the Democrats should be pressing hard for a different candidate if they wanted to shoot when hitting Mr Trump in 2020.

"Trump did not like people, but they did not like Clinton better. Trump did not trust or thought he was honest, but they felt exactly about Clinton," he says.

If there is something, Ms Clinton is in a worse position now than in 2016. According to the September Gallup survey, only 36 per cent of people have a favorable opinion of Ms Clinton, down seven points of where they were & Immediately before the 2016 election.

"Democrats would do well to try a different approach than Clinton used in 2016, which, when it was boiled down, was synonymous with this: I'm running against Donald Trump , and certainly you do not vote for it, are you? & # 39;

"And they would have a good service to try a different candidate to present that different message – not a voter was rejected by voters in the last presidential election even though it was running against the weak Republican nominee in modern memory . "

At the heart of the problem this is: The Democrats can not only depend, as Ms Clinton did, simply voted for people because Mr Trump is the other option.

Ms. Clinton, press secretary of the campaign of Ms. Clinton, 2016, wrote a series of dweets that went to address this point, while speculation guides over Ms Clinton launching bid 2020.

"After 2016, no-one thinks that he is holding a mirror for Trump – or getting involved in it – is a winning strategy, however, adhering to a plan of ignoring Trump is much harder in a one-on-one game than for the Challenge of a house that runs individual races, " tweeted.

He said this was partly because it was difficult to be more memorable than Mr Trump; the President is epitomizes the phrase "Any publicity is good publicity".

"You can give a thoughtful author documenting Trump in a number of racist examples that act on. But on the rally with the night, there will be – without any supporting evidence – simply calling you racist back," says Fallon. "And the next day's stories will read Candidates Trading Barbados.

"That is why I tend to think that the theory that all Democrats do is to nominate someone who is annoying, annoying and letting Trump beat himself" is wrong. An interestless character is most likely to be sucked into the vortex because they can not comment on their own. "

But it was Kellyanne Conway, of all the people, and could be argued about it best.

Earlier this week, the Councilor to the President tweeted Link to story about possible proposal Ms Clinton with four options: "Dear God, yes, yes."

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