Friday , March 5 2021

Unleashed Joe Flacco & Medical Again, Lamar Jackson is expected to start

The Ravens plan to start Lamar Jackson is quarterback for the third consecutive game, according to a report by Mike Garafolo Network NFL.

The report said that Joe Flacco had not cleared it to his / her play, although his status could change in the next few days.

The Ravens have not given any official report on Flacco status and they have not named an initial.

Flacco has not practiced or played since he had a very bad 4 November injury against Pittsburgh Steelers. John Harbaugh, Crew Coach, John Harbaugh, said Monday that Flacco intends to visit a doctor that day to be redirected on his right hips. It must be cleared by a doctor before returning to practice or execute a game.

Harbaugh is in no hurry to announce his quarter quarter quarter for the game in Atlanta. It may not be at least this week, but once Flacco has to clear to play, the Ravens will have a decision to do. Crews had Tuesday away, but will re-start exercise on Wednesday. The Ravens (6-5) are 2-0 with Jackson as their starter, both winks coming home.

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