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Tiger Woods may not be a hero for black people, but he's a man who is Sports Age


OFriday Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will play for a $ 9m winner burs in Las Vegas. The biggest question is which of these multi-millionaires will win a victory, but why anyone would look after it. The championship has nothing to do with golf more than fighting Muhammad Ali in 1976 with Japanese politician, Antonio Inoki, anything to do with boxing. Or, on this issue, my one-to-one competition with Julius Irving had nothing to do with basketball. As these showbiz events will not improve or redefin sport in any way, there must be some sort of metaphoric value that justifies the millions of dollars that they produce – glitzy-yet -elt theme that we can all get behind.

My own competition against Dr J 26 years ago – was not billed as "Clash of the Legends" – was a great basketball, but it was not supposed to be. Julius was 41 years old and I was 44, now old and old with Woods and Mickelson now. It was a showbiz, giving fans what they wanted. We enjoyed and did our best, but we were obvious that the players we were not our main. But what? The fans wanted to see two middle-aged men working their hases to prove that we were still great in the brilliance, if the flames were not completely blown. We did that exactly. The score was not important, nor who won. What was considered was that we showed that we had a few movements, a few flavors of glory.

In the case of Wood v Mickelson, this is definitely not a "great white hope" event that is white against black to decide on racial improvement. Given the political atmosphere created by a golfer / Chief White Nationalist Officer, Donald J Trump, who has combined racial tensions, one could understand whether some of it was doing for that. However, Woods and Mickelson are friendly towards each other and they promote this in good faith in no more than a midday duel between ancient advantages. Plus, it's a golf. Many African Americans do not have racistly proudly invested in The Stroll Toward Another Far Away Hole (not just The Thrilla in Manilla's dynamic circle).

African Americans have always had a mixed response to golf and Woods. Despite the presence of urban golf courses, which is to be more affordable, it still costs around $ 40 for 18 holes against $ 0 for shooting rings in the park. And if you want to play in the top courses, like Augusta National, annual fees can reach five or six figures. Perhaps this is why a black historic school like Bethune-Cookman University has a nine-member male golf team with only two black players while only one black player has the four-member women's team. This is 21 years after Woods destroyed the white ceiling by winning the Master by 12 strokes. "I knew that this did not necessarily mean that things would change dramatically for golf minorities," said Woods years later for his historic victory. "I hope that my earnings would encourage them to play, or to follow their dreams whatever they were. But it would have been naive of us to think that my win would mean the end of the appearance & # 39 ; when someone from any minority was walking into some golf clubs, especially the game's private clubs. "

Wendell Haskins, ex-director of multilateral PGA diversity and multicultural enterprises as well as an NBA connection, describes the challenge that faces black children who want a serious golf: "& # 39 ; you have to have an elite golf to play elite golf, "he told the Undefeated. "In basketball, let's say you're a white player of the suburbs. You have not been tested in the fight until you've entered the inner city and play With a brother, the same thing takes golf at the back. Many children can play golf to a striking level. But until you play golf club, under a rural club, with children of a country club, not You've played elite golf. "The numbers suggest, as Woods has rejected as a force in golf, so the number of black golfers. There were 1.5 million black golfers in America in 2007; 10 years later, there were only 800,000 there.

Again, Woods has not been embedded with the whole African-American community. He has never been a simple civil rights barn, famously described himself as "Cablinasian" (a mixture of Caucasian, Black, American and Asian Indian). Some felt that that was responsible for its black heritage. The racial reality is that only if the percentages of genetic ingredients are in America, if you have a black heritage, you are treated as a 100% black. That was the national law, now it's the only cultural heritage. Surrounded people need all the heroes they can get, so it's going to tackle something when someone of international status Woods does not step up.

Woods' private life has not established so many role models either. There is a turbulent man who has deepened the throat into the famous factory. Her arrest for driving under the influence of prescription drugs, her hatred, her merry divorce, and the published sex dependence has produced a lot of thumbs and thumbs among African Americans who realize that, fairly or not , which the whole community receives judged by the public failures of its most famous members.

Yet many of us rush for it now more than ever. More than a race representative, it's a symbol of the same thing we all share: aging. His victory in the Tour Championship in September was a breathtaking regeneration after five without winning a tournament. Mickelson also broke a five-year strike strike when he won the WGC-Mexico Championship in March. The theme of this revelation is perseverance in the face of the inevitable decline of athletic functionality.

Every year, we spend another 10 weight weight in our backbacks, slow down us and allow us to consider that time when we give it up. But the unexpected successes of Woods and Mickelson raised the spirits that we all grew under the pressure of years. They inspire hope, the virtute of continuation, that does not matter, we can always rally ourselves for one last challenge. The reminder of the end of Richard Wilbur's poem, The Juggler, where the audience explodes in the title character's approval that reduces their everyday battles:

For him, we hit our hands
Who has won overweight and the world once

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