Saturday , March 6 2021

This reveals who she is and more in Fall Finale

Do not just love a This is us stop montage?

Tonight was really bad. He resolved some mystery, he announced some happy news (he's a boy!), And he introduced a whole new mystery that we have never been so excited to solve. For once, someone is alive rather than dead, but we'll get that in a minute.

First of all, we finally know that Randall and Tess are in the future on the way to see Rebecca, but we still have a lot of worrying questions.

In the present, we had a rather devastating view of Randall (Sterling K. Brown) is banned to the sofa. He and Beth fought for refusing to drop the race of the city, despite the fact that his polling numbers were bad and despite the fact that He asks him to abolish after he promised that he would; I do it if she wanted him.

We dropped from that scene to Future Randall asking Tess (Iantha Richardson) to let her mother know they were on the way, and of course we began to worry that Randall and Beth are no longer in conjunction, because this show is incredible. Then we saw What, a lovely older woman who ran a dance studio, told his assistant that they would visit Randall's mother, and then asked if she had brought her the Pin the Tail game on the Donkey from her office. Adding that childhood game, which Big 3 uses to play in their childhood anniversary parties, gives us this terrible feeling that Rebecca might be doing so well, and could be mental at a time when her children still play Pin Go on the Donkey. And now we're a crew, so let's go on to some happier news.

We've spent most of this season hoping that Nicky (Michael Angarano) alive, as that makes a more interesting address for all those scenes with him and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) during the war. We found that Jack believed that Nicky had died when a boat was exploding and went to the water, but everyone then saw that Nicholas Pearson did not appear in the database of & # 39: Those who died in the war.

Then, we saw an incredible man in a toilet, with a collection on a piece of mail to refer to Nicholas Pearson, which means that Nicky is still living and having a post! He lives at 2125 Songbird Rd., Bradford, PA, 16701, and according to our Google maps search of that address, he smokes the middle in the middle of a forest. Now, we have to wait for the show to return to explain why Nicky lives in the middle of a forest and why his family has not heard from him in 50 years. We also find out what Michael Angarano likes in a composition of age, which we are really excited about!

UPDATE: Turning out Angarano will not go into the composition chair after all. Closing date those reports Griffin Dunne Nicky is playing today when the show returns in January.

Instead, after a lot of anxiety and worry, Kate and Toby said their baby was a boy. Kate also decided to go back to school to finish her college degree, so she can be a musical teacher, but just because she did not want her to sit in her car for as long as she drove her hi Adele-o- gigs gramau. So instead, she'll sit in a classroom, but hope she will not be too long.

And finally, after some beautiful encouragement and speech for not doing things by Rebecca, Tess (Eris Baker) comes to her parents, and they respond exactly as you'd expect Randall and What responding they say they like and support. The fact that Randall and Beth did not see this came and had been so busy and undeveloped in their children's lives lately, what kind of debate was about, and what later was Randall on the sofa.

So now we have two months to stay and wonder what's next next, and it will be two months long.

This is us returns to NBC in 2019.

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