Tuesday , August 16 2022

This man has lost 125 pounds without putting Carbs or Sugar up


Dan Keiver admits easily that he once lives a rather sedentary life. As an IT professional, his days were spent sitting in front of a computer, and did not end with a work day. Instead, he would go home and fight in front of his computer to play video games as well. All satellites have one thing: weight gain. On top of it, Keiver emphasized in 325 pounds. After years of having trouble getting pregnant with a wife, Keiver knew he had enough, and dropped 125 pounds on the way to become a father.

"I've been heavily since I was born but I'm going out of control after I got into adultery," he said. Keiver found that most socializing and turning around eating. Even at home, his world focused on food.

"There were more problems to control weighing and snack," he said. "I eat too much and I eat when I was bored. I also had, and still got sweet teeth, so it did not help." After preparing with & For a breath to work out, this behavior was a recipe for a weight loss disaster. Despite the fact that he was sweated while carrying out thorough tasks like cleaning his home, and obvious warnings from his doctor for his weight, none of them was very important to Keiver. So, that is, the day his son was born.

"There was a very light moment for me," said Keiver of the time he decided he needed to be healthy. "My wife, who was also struggling with obesity, and I was trying to get a child for years without success. Finally, we had success through IVF."

However, the couple did not decide to have children until later in life. When his son was born, Keiver was 39 and his wife was 41. At that time, Keiver could not help but think about his own father, who had also struggled with obesity and dying from the disease heart is 53 years old.

"When my son comes, I can not help but do the maths, and he's scared to me. If I did as far as dad, I would leave my son behind 14 old. I had to make a way better than that, "he said.

To start his healthier new life, Keiver started to have a diet. He was reluctant to try any long diets that felt unsustainable. Instead, he used the old fashioned calories, in the calorie model out and trying to eat a balanced diet of carbs, fat and protein.

"Until today, I'll track everything I eat MyFitnessPal, "He said. Keiver also uses a food scale at home and one at work to trace his meals efficiently. When losing weight, he went to eat between 1700-1800 calories a day and aimed at a weight loss rate of around two pounds a week.

"When I started, my nutrition IQ was fairly poor," he said. "I knew I kept my own calorie budget, but for a while I was ignorant of how much protein, fat, carbs and sugar I should have every day. I've never learned Keep my protein numbers higher and be more cautious with stem, sugar and saturated fat. I do not limit carbs, but I'm careful not to go over the table and roll all my calories with them. "

Next, he added in order of practice. He joined a local local center and started working out just three days a week performing cardio. Later, he added in weight order three days a week as well and dropped to two days a week of cardio. He explained this, helping him gain more muscle mass while still reducing weight.

"The results were on the scale immediately, but the first changes that I was noticing was my clothes," said Keiver. "Actually, I believe that my wife notice before I do and tell me that my jeans are hanging off my donkey."

The need for a new wardrobe, along with the success of a scale, came into his new favorite game. "He felt great," he said. "I looked forward to every press-in the day."

Finally, at 41, Keiver managed to reach his goal of weighing 180 pounds. But more than the weight, he was pleased to hit his goal of staying healthy.

"I was definitely not going to spend 200 lbs, so the first time I saw that" 1 "was in front of my incredible weight pressure, he said. "I did not think I'd ever thought I was in the 100's in my adult life. I made sure to take a picture of that" 198 "for the future. I now feel & # 39; n great at 180. "

Another memorable moment came back to that same doctor who warned him of the upcoming fatty liver. "I had a physical last summer and my blood pressure was in the place and place. My blood job looked great and my doctor hit me the news, & # 39; Well … … you're fitting. I'm tempted to be repeated so we can record it, "he said. "At 41 years old, I'm on the best shape I've never been in and I'm still going."

Now Keiver runs and plays with her two years old, and continues to enjoy running and cycling. Regarding what's next, she has a look at running this marathon this first half of this summer. He inspired his wife's success to drop 95 pounds himself; that support system is something that Keiver believes can help others to find success too. As he puts it, "I would tell anyone who wants to lose weight to find support." (And they may find a cool, supportive partner who's ready to go through the battle with you too.)

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